Why Are They Avoiding Emmanuel “Tranzformer” Taylor?
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 11, 2011) Photo © Tri Nguyen
I first saw Emmanuel “Tranzformer” Taylor in November of 2008 at Lonnie Young’s Rec Center in the Germantown section of North Philadelphia. It was one of the best amateur shows I have witnessed around Thanksgiving. Taylor comes into the gym of National champion Keenan Smith as his “opponent”. It was a non-stop war and at the end and though I thought Taylor had the edge Smith got the victory.

Taylor has had a highly decorated amateur career with an overall record of 186-26. He was 5-time Jr GG champion, 3-time National PAL champion, 5-time MD state Silver champion, 4-time state GG Jr champion and 2006 Ringside champion. “I lost to Danny O’Connor (95-8) 9-7 in the Nationals final in 2008. It was a fight I thought I won,” said Taylor. O’Connor was the 2008 Olympic alternate.

Taylor has had more fights turned down than fights I am told. He was supposed to come to Philadelphia in June of 2010 to fight the Olympic Gold medalist from DR, Felix Diaz, who is 8-0 (5). The fight was cancelled and Diaz came in the next month to meet another opponent on the same matchmaker’s show. It’s been like that since turning pro. “Manny gets impatient wanting to fight but he is only 19 (20 on Dec 20th) and you have to pick your spots and only meet other good prospects when the money is right down the line,” said Sewell.

The team consists of manager Felix Eialosio, his coach Dave Sewelll and Taylor’s father Maxell as assistant trainer. Taylor resides in Edgewood Arsenal, MD. “I’ve been with him since 2003 and his father never interferes. His assistance is helpful,” said Sewell. “I designed him and he put it together. In one word he is Mayweather” said Maxell.

Taylor is 10-0 (8) since turned pro in March of 2009 knocking out Damien Butler in 2:50 in Woodlawn, MD. He would score 5 straight knockouts in the first year including Josh Beeman, 4-4-3. Then he ran into Doel Carrasquillo, 12-14-1, in Baltimore in March of 2010 settling for a majority win in his first 6 rounder. “That was my toughest fight so far. He could take a punch,” said Taylor. “We knew he was a puncher and had to stay away from his power and box him,” said Sewell.

Taylor would travel to Huntington, NY, in May after scoring another knockout. He would stop Ghana’s Ayi Bruce, 15-1, in 3 rounds. “He was a good fighter,” said Taylor. “We were told he was 8-1 only to find out he was 15-1,” said Sewell. Bruce defeated Shamone Alvarez, 21-2, in his last fight in December. He also won a majority decision over Carrasquillo.

In July Taylor scored his third straight knockout in NC, just to keep busy. In October Taylor defeated Laureano Laracuente, 7-3-1, over 6 rounds. Laracuente had lost in 10 to Alex Perez, 9-0, for the CABOFE welter title in 2009. “He ran to survive. I hurt my hand in the first round. The hardest thing for me as a pro is to learn patience,” said Taylor. “The only thing that can beat him is Emmanuel himself. He has learned to stay focused and he is a thinker,” said Sewell.

Too many fighters today they let success go to their head. Taylor is quiet and doesn’t need the limelight. He attends Havredegrace Baptist Church in Havredegrace, MD, and his simple formula for his success is “I’m blessed”, said Taylor. This is a fighter to watch and remember, Emmanuel Taylor!

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