Ramos and Chambers win at Bally’s in Atlantic City
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 12, 2011)
Goossen Tutor Promotions came to Bally’s in Atlantic City with a Shobox 5 fight card. In the main event Rico “Suavecito” Ramos, 19-0 (10) decisioned southpaw and former title challenge Alejandro Valdez, 23-4-3 (17), of Obregon, MEX, over ten rounds in a super bantamweight fight.

Ramos seemed to have control of the fight through the first half with a lot of inside fighting. Ramos is the WBA’s No. 1 contender and seemed to have too much mobility for Valdez up until the seventh round. Valdez then pinned Ramos in the corner for 3 rounds. In the tenth after a clash of heads Valdez put a forearm into the throat of Ramos causing him to take a knee. Referee Earl Morton gave no warning.

An angry Ramos wobbled the knees of Valdez with a left hook and continued to swarm all over Valdez almost punching himself out. At the bell both fighters were slugging it out.

Scores of 99-93 twice and 98-92 were all for Ramos.

Don “Da Bomb” George, 21-1-1, (18), of Chicago, dropped Corneilius “The Beast” White three times to force referee Randy Neumann to call a halt at 2:02 of the first round in an 8 round super middleweight bout. A right hand started the downfall of White.

“I’m back. I wasn’t supposed to win and made a lot of people unhappy. I caught him with a good punch and knew I wasn’t going to stop punching,” said George. “I got caught,” said White.

Heavyweights “Fast” Eddie Chambers, 35-2 (18), Philadelphia defeated Derric “The Shaolin Fist” Rossy, 25-2 (14) of Medford, NY, in a 12 round IBF eliminator bout. Good first round with Chambers using his speed and Rossy landing several solid rights.

Rossy suffered a bloody nose in the second but was landing accurate punches on Chambers. Rossy outworking Chambers in the third round. Chambers showing his speed but no combinations as Rossy works the body of Chambers in the fourth.

In the fifth Chambers started landing combinations with the blood from Rossy’s nose splattered across his face. Straight right dropped Rossy into the lower ropes and down. There was no quit in Rossy as he got through the round. In the eighth Chambers landed a good left hook to the jaw of Rossy. He seemed content on winning more than a stoppage as he did in their first fight.

Rossy cut on the outside of the right eye as the blood streams down the side of his face. Cool and calculated Chambers smiles as if he could end it at anytime in the eighth. In the tenth a low blow by Chambers gives Rossy several minutes rest. Chambers corner is encouraging him to end it.

In the eleventh both fighters land rights at the same time as Rossy staggers back and away from Chambers. In the twelfth and final round Rossy was desperate throwing desperate overhand punches while getting countered by Chambers. It was an accomplishment that Rossy went the distance and showed a big heart. Chambers could have been busier but being the much faster of the two won winning away.

If this was an amateur bout it would have been closer because Rossy seemed to land ore punches but most were pitter patter ones. Being the much bigger of the two one would have expected more power punches from Ross but they never came.

Scores were 115-112, 117-110 and 120-107 all for Chambers. Eddie Cotton was the referee. Where Chambers goes from here we don’t know. He is No. 4 and Rossy No. 11 in the IBF ratings. Why was Ross in an elimination bout?

Tomasz Adamek and Chambers are the top two contenders for Wladimir Klitschko’s title. In March of 2010 Chambers was stopped in the twelfth and final round by Klitschko and there’s no reason to think a rematch would be any different. How Chambers is not ranked in the WBO, WBC or WBA is just politics. The future challenger seems to be Adamek at this point pending he gets by in his next fight.

“He was just too fast for me. I thought I did okay and no way was I going to quit,” said Rossy. “He was tough,” said Chambers. He is at the end of his contract with Goosen. “They have been very good to me. We will be sitting down,” said Chambers.

Opening the show was 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist Ricardo Williams, 17-2 (10), of Cinncinnati, OH, now fighting out of Houston, TX, who stopped John “East Beast, 24-19-2 (11), of Atlantic City, in sixth and last round at 1:37 in a welterweight match. Brown was cut outside the left eye in the first round. Williams pounded him with body and head shots.

Brown started out better in the second until the cut re-opened. Williams, a southpaw, ripped more body shots. Straight lefts to the chest of Brown had the crowd making noise. In the sixth a left uppercut to the mid-section dropped Brown. Later in the round a straight left put Brown down and into the ropes. As referee Earl Morton started the count Brown’s corner stopped the fight.

Brown is 1-11-2 since 2001 and at the age of 42 what is the NJ commission waiting for? The only boxer with a losing record Brown beat. He cannot continue if he is put in with much younger and skilled opponents.

Anthony Williams, 0-3, of Wilson, NC, was brought in as the sacrificial lamb for Atlantic City’s debuting Thomas “Cornflake” Lammanail in a 4 round light middleweight match. Williams thought he was in the gym as the first round started and put his left glove out to touch Lammana’s who took a cheap shot nailing Wilson. This got Wilson upset for about 40 seconds as both fighters exchanged punches until Wilson let referee Randy Neumman know he had enough at 0:51 of the first.

All in all it was a good show and hopefully Goossen Tutor will return to Atlantic City.

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