Jamie Campbell stops Dan Mullarkey in Rematch!
By Ken Hissner (Feb 20, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
It was October of 2006 since they last fought each other. Both had been idle since and their fans once again returned to the Tri State Sports Complex, in Aston, Pennsylvania. Jamie Campbell, 2-1 (1), of Ridley Park, won a controversial majority decision last time over Upper Darby southpaw Dan Mullarkey, 5-3-1 (4), but tonight there would be no questioning the outcome. Three years ago the winner got the bigger share of the purse and that did not set well with Mullarkey when he lost the decision. Both he and Campbell, a local police officer, have been exchanging verbal slams leading up to the rematch.

It was like a rival football game with Campbell’s people on his side and Mullarkey’s on his. I have to tell you, it was a rough looking crowd, and that includes the women in attendance. Mullarkey was throwing more punches at the start and being the shorter fighter of the two. Campbell was using a strong jab that seemed to be measuring his opponent for a straight right hand. About 30 seconds into the fight Campbell struck home and rocked Mullarkey with a right. He jumped on him and another right hand drove Mullarkey into the ropes out on his feet. The referee Gary Rosado jumped in between the two fighters. It looked like he was going to give him a standing count but in Pennsylvania they don’t have such a thing. Within seconds Rosado waves the fight off. By this time Mullarkey’s head is clear and he is complaining as well as his fans as Campbell is jumping with joy as his fans were going crazy. It all took 0:54 after waiting 3 years for this fight.

“I knew he was hurt,” said Campbell. “I could have continued. Everyone knows I can come back from being hurt,” said Mullarkey. Even though it was scored a technical knockout and the ending is still somewhat controversial. Will there be a third match?

In the fight of the night featherweight Melissa “Hurucan” Hernandez, 12-1-2 (4), of the Bronx, did her best impression of Hector “Macho” Camacho, in winning a bloody 6 rounder over lightweight Ella Nunez, Jamestown, New York. Nunez never stopped coming forward and received a nasty cut between the left eye and the nose. This writer was surprised the ring physician allowed her to come out for the 5th round. She came out fighting harder as Hernandez peppered her with jabs moving side to side. All three judges agreed Hernandez was the winner 60-54 and 59-55 (2x). This writer felt Nunez only won the 2nd round. She showed the heart of a lioness. Nunez came in 4 pounds over the contracted weight giving her an 8 pound advantage. Vic deWysocki was the referee.

In the opening 4 rounder middleweight Delen “Sniper” Parsley, 2-0 (2), of New York City, lived up to his name as he was too fast and punched too hard for journeyman John Michael Terry , 2-16-3 (1), of Portsmouth, Virginia. Terry was taking a beating and received a nasty cut over the left eye ending it after 3 rounds of a scheduled 4. Rosado was the referee. Parsley is tall and slim and looks like a real prospect.

This was an Al Thompson Promotion with Mustang Expediting & MHP Supplements. Joey Cohen served as matchmaker. There were also two exhibitions with “Hammerin” Hank Lundy showing his skills against Julius Edmonds in one. The other had two overweight heavyweights in Glen Turner and Justin Novaria. Both bouts were 3 rounds with Larry Tournabe serving as ring announcer.

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