“Lightning” Harry Joe Yorgey Returns to the Ring with A Knockout
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (March 1, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
“Lightning” Harry Joe Yorgey returned to action Friday night as the swing-bout after a pair of ten rounder’s in an Oklahoma Casino called Million Dollar Elm Casino. It was a log way from Atlantic City, NJ, where he is within 90 minutes of with good traffic. A 2:08 of the fifth round referee Gary Ritter waived it off. Yorgey’s defeat of Donavan Garcia, 11-8 (7), was very impressive to the audience and boxing people who saw it.

In March of 2009 Yorgey stopped Ronald Hearns in 9 rounds in a different part of Oklahoma. His rise in the ratings was as high as No. 3. For some reason his promoter decided to take on the hottest and meanest boxer in the light middleweight division, Alfredo Angulo. That was 15 months ago.

Yorgey hid an ankle injury suffered in training. He knew he wouldn’t be able to punch as hard as normal but didn’t realize how it would make it more difficult to get out of the way of someone who was trying to take your head off and almost did.

Yorgey suffered his first defeat in 24 fights in the third round. It wasn’t bad enough he suffered his first loss but to see the replays time and again on the air of how he lost had some boxing people wondering if he could come back from such a defeat.

“I think Friday night it showed that he’s back. It was the second substitute and this guy had knocked out the first substitute so we knew he might be tougher than the original opponent,” said his PR man Kurt Wolfheimer.

“It took me a couple of rounds to shake off the rust but after that I felt good and very strong. When I had him hurt from a pair of body shots I went upstairs and hit him with a right hand. He fell sideways onto the ropes and the referee was not coming in to stop it so I threw another fight hand that just grazed his head. If it landed he would be on the tapes each week. He went down like a slinky. I knew if I didn’t finish him off he could come back and do the same to me,” said Yorgey.

His trainer “Bozy” Ennis would have liked for him to end it sooner but was pleased with the end result. Ennis whose son’s Derek “Pooh” Ennis, holds the 154 USBA title and Farah who holds the 168 NABF title. Yorgey has fit in well in the gym with the Ennis brothers and Demitrius Hopkins to spar with. He is a no nonsense trainer who is a defensive specialist who wants Yorgey to return to the style he had in the amateurs when he was knocking people out but not getting hit as much.

While the opponent he defeated in Ronald Hearns a week ago got a title shot against WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm in Germany Yorgey was in the last bout of the night. He makes no bones about it he is from “Bridgeport, PA” which is a small borough about a half an hour from Philadelphia where he trains now. He’s never forgotten his roots. “I’d love to be fighting close enough for man fan’s to come out,” said Yorgey. With this win I think he’ll get his wish!

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