Keep Your Eye on Philly’s Unbeaten “Pretty Boy” Coy Evans!
Interview by Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (March 16, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
When your in a gym that has title challenger Demitrius Hopkins, USBA light middleweight champion Derek “Poo” Ennis, NABF super middleweight champion Farah Ennis, now enters light middleweight “Lightning” Harry Yorgey back on the scene, you can get lost in the shuffle especially at featherweight. That’s what “Pretty Boy” Coy Evans has had to contend with over the years. He is currently 10-0-1 (2) and don’t let the 2 fool you.

“The name Pretty Boy wasn’t on account of Mayweather. That is just the name they always gave me since I first started,” said Evans. He started in “Bozy’s Dungeon,” a basement under a church in the Germantown section of North Philadelphia. Then they moved to another part of the area to the Muhammad Ali Gym over a mosque.

“I’ve always been trained by Bozy (Derrick Ennis),” said Evans. Ennis is the well respected trainer that just has to give you a look and you know you’re on the spot. He’s just starting to get the recognition he has long deserved. The co-managers are Moz Gonzalez and Eddie Woods. Moz’s brother Jesse is the cut-man. Greg Robinson’s Power Productions became the promoter after several fights.

“The kid can fight. He get’s no credit. He never misses a day in the gym after working for a lawyer. I don’t know how he does it,” said Woods. He has a 7 year old daughter named Tamiya and needs that steady job until he starts fighting 8 rounds.

In his last start he headlined a Robinson show at the National Guard Armory in North East Philadelphia and chased the Colombian Felipe Almanza, (18-20-4) all over the ring winning every round on all the judge’s scorecards.

“I heard someone in the corner say it looks like this guy has another fight lined up he’s running so much,” said Evans. Guess what? The next day Almanza was in Puerto Rico fighting another unbeaten fighter and again losing a decision.

Evans turned professional in April 2004 at age 19. He defeated Edward Valdez, 1-2-1, of New York, at the legendary Blue Horizon. Valdez had a 6 round draw with then 9-0 Verquan Kimbrough under his belt. “He was tough,” said Evans. He had to give up almost 5 pounds in this one.

He would not return to the ring until over 3 years in March of 2008 defeating Elias Castillo, 0-3, of Brooklyn, while giving away 6 pounds. Castillo had lasted almost 4 rounds with current Philly USBA champion Teon Kennedy before being stopped. Evans won every round on the scorecards.

“The lay-off came from fights falling through over the years. I was set to fight a few times, but the fights didn’t happen for whatever reason. I remember suited up and ready to go to the ring and the fight was cancelled because my opponent didn’t want to fight me,” said Evans.
Several months later Evans returned to the Cisco Arena, in Oaks, PA, outside of Philadelphia. He faced Jason Rorie, 1-0, of Winston-Salem, NC, who debuted in Tampa, FL, defeating a 2-0 fighter. “I couldn’t believe it when they called it a draw,” said Evans. His stablemate “Pooh” Ennis was the headliner. “We tried to get a rematch but couldn’t,” said Evans.

It was back to the Blue Horizon and fighting Castillo again scoring another shut out. This time both fighters came in at 126. In February of 2009 Evans would travel to Brooklyn and take on Jose Espinal, 5-3-1. “I knew I would have to impress the judges to beat a New York boxer,” said Evans.

Two of Espinal’s losses were to unbeaten Gary Stark, Jr., and a split decision to Mike Oliver. Later in their career Stark would defeat Oliver for the USBA super bantamweight title. Espinal had just scored two knockouts in his previous fights. Evans defeated Espinal who hasn’t fought since. “I had one of his eyes closed and did more damage to him than any fighter I fought so far,” said Evans.

It would be 8 months before getting another fight back at the Blue Horizon. Word got out he went to New York and beat one of their own. Carlos Diaz, 10-21-4, who had fought 15 unbeaten fighters was brought in from Puerto Rico, who had fought 10 rounder’s. Evans would shut out Diaz.

Evans would start 2010 with his first knockout over Vineash Rungea, 2-14-3, at the South Philly Arena. He had Rungea down in the second round when the referee stopped the fight. Runega had gone the distance with Philly’s Eric Hunter and Olympian Roberto Benitez. Runega has not fought in over a year since this defeat. “I looked at your record and figured you can’t punch. You hit as hard as anyone I’ve fought. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t punch,” said Rungea.

The following month Evans traveled to Allentown, an hour north of Philly and defeated Robert DaLuz, 12-24-3, in his first 6 rounder by decision. DaLuz had gone the distance with Philly boxers Teon Kennedy, current USBA 122 champ, and Hunter along with Olympian Clarence Vinson (twice). Evans would take every round in this one

In April Morris Chule, 11-10-2, of Kenya/FL came in with experience against big names. He went the distance with unbeaten Jerry Belmontes, Argenis Mendez, 14-1, and Filipino Czar Amonsot, 19-3-1 in 10. He also lost a split decision in 10 to Mario Santiago, 20-1-1. The fight took place at the South Philly Arena and Evans stopped Chule in 3 rounds. Chule has not fought since.

In June it was back to the Blue Horizon for the fourth time in 10 fights. What no one would know ahead of time is that this would be the last show at the legendary venue. Evans was on top in a 6 and his stable mate Farah Ennis in the semi-six. Barbaro Zepeda, 9-21-2, who had only been stopped once was brought in. Evans won 5 out of 6 rounds on all the scorecards. “He was tough,” said Evans. Zepeda has not fought since.

Due to opponent’s pulling out Evans didn’t fight the rest of the year. He next fought in January of 2011, in a main event at the National Guard Armory in North East Philly. Brought in was the veteran Almanza that we covered earlier.

Evans was to be brought back as the headliner again March 4th but the show has been put back to May 6th. In economic times like we have today the smaller promoters used to ask you to cover your purse. Now if an opponent comes in from out of town they expect you to cover both purses and expenses. It’s not always easy getting fights.

His record is 10-0-1 (2). Evans keeps busy in the gym sparring with his heavier stable mates and Rashiem Jefferson. He has sparred with unbeaten Angel Ocasio and Teon Kennedy. “We (Woods) have Miguel Cartenaga turning professional March 26th in Atlantic City. He will be working with Evans. Coy is very special. His combinations are crisp and sharp. Bozy has him starting to sit down on his punches for more power,” said Gonzalez.

“I believe he will be world champion down the line. He’s a good listener and does what is asked of him. We’re going to spar with Teon Kennedy getting him ready for his fight the end of the month,” said Bozy Ennis.

“I’m hoping to get on the April 2nd show in Atlantic City. Farah (Ennis) is headling there,” said Evans. Since this writer’s birthday is that night, I guess I could wish not only he fights but get’s another win! To that Evans said “I’ll see what I can do!”

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