Ryan Belasco and Anthony Flores Robbed at Harrah’s in Chester, PA!
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (March 19, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
If you go to a casino your chances are less than 50-50 you will walk out a winner. For Wilmington, DE, lightweight Ryan Belasco, 14-5-3 (3), and lightweight “Flawless” Anthony Flores, 9-3-1 (6), they got “robbed” before they even got paid Friday night at Harrah’s Chester Casino & Racetrack, Chester, PA!

Joey Eye Boxing & David Feldman Presents put on Round 2 and it was every bit as good as their debut show Round 1 in January. In the semi-windup 6 rounder a Russian in Georgi Kevlishvilli, 12-1 (3), comes in making his US debut and on 4 writers scorecards lost 5-1 and on another lost 4-2. Dewey LaRosa had it 59-55 for Flores while Joe Pasquale and Pierre Benoist also had it 59-55 but for Kevlishvilli. I know the cold war is over but isn’t it time we stopped being so generous to the Russians?

I’ve seen Flores sharper and he’s only had one fight in eight months but he was much too fast for Kevlishvilli who hadn’t fought in seventeen months since suffering his first loss. I can see why he wasn’t on target much. Even the couple of Russians in the crowd who were cheering him on admitted after the fight to nearby fans Flores won.

That was until the decision was announced. Word is Kevlishvilli will give Flores a rematch but in Russia. Someone remarked “Flores would have a better chance of getting the decision over there”. Gary Rosato was the referee.

“I thought I won easily. What do I have to do to get a win? I couldn’t believe it,” said Flores. Co-manager Doc Nowicki asked for the score cards to be checked and had every right to ask.

In the 8 round main event Belasco and Bryne Green, 6-3 (4), of Vineland, NJ, didn’t exactly set the place on fire but they did a workman like effort on both parts. Green had a cut on the left eyebrow and was certainly the worst for ware of the two. He has a herkey- jerkey style that makes it not so easy to hit him but come on folks. While Benoist seemed to get back on track with a 77-74 for Belasco as this writer had it, LaRosa and Pasquale had it 76-75 for Green. Though it wasn’t as bad as the Flores decision it was bad. Belasco’s corner wanted the score cards checked. Shawn Clark was the referee.

In probably the best fight of the night North Philly’s Angel Ocasio, 4-0 (1), came out looking for an early night for George Santiago, 1-3 (1), of Brooklyn, who had too good of a chin though he hit the canvas in the third round of this lightweight 4. Ocasio made a quick step-over move to his right and nailed Santiago who went down.

Ocasio may have been the most skilled fighter on the card but with only one fight in little over a year he seemed to tire enough in the fourth round that Santiago edged him out in that round. There was no doubt Ocasio was the winner by scores of 40-35 and 39-36twice, same as did this writer. Jimmy Condon made his first start in ten years as the referee back from Las Vegas and he was a welcome addition.

In a mild upset hometown favorite Radnor police officer Jamie Campbell, 3-2 (2), took on late substitute William Miranda, 2-2 (0), of Allentown, PA, in a battle of heavyweights. Campbell having a 50 pound weight advantage and quite a bit of height advantage seemed to take the first round with a good jab. Miranda who took the fight on less than 24-hour’s notice never stopped trying. It was like “David & Goliath”. His over hand rights and occasional left hooks made Campbell very cautious early.

The second round could have gone either way as Miranda started finding his mark late in the round with good left hooks. By the third round Campbell was spent and Miranda swept the last two rounds easily. Miranda took all scores by 40-36, 39-37 and 38-37. I had it 38-38 but if someone was to win then it was Miranda. Rosato was the referee.

In the fifth bout of the night we had a preview of what might be coming in the last two. Karen Dulin, 2-8 (1), of Mystic, CT, was re-matched with South Philly’s popular Liz Sherman, 3-0 (1), in a lightweight 4. Dulin had a sharp jab working throughout the first 3 rounds. Sherman seemed to finally get into it in the fourth. She hasn’t fought in a year which didn’t help but she had no defense for the jab. Pasquale seemed to get it right at 39-37 for Dulin while Benoist and LaRosa had it 39-37 for Sherman.

Teneal Goyco, 4-1 (2), of North Philly and Dennis Morris, 1-1 (1), of Milwaukee, WI, were throwing bombs though half of them were not landing it still made for an exciting light heavyweight 4. Morris is very awkward and took the first round. Goyco got somewhat used to it and came back to take the next two rounds.

In the fourth round after referee Rosato broke the fighters Goyco stepped in and drilled Morris with a left hook that spun him around and halfway through the ropes head first. Rosato called a halt immediately which was a good call at 0:36 of the round.

Fred Jenkins, Jr., 1-0 (1), of North Philly made his long awaited debut. His well known and popular father/trainer Fred Jenkins, Sr. gave him an ultimative one year ago to lose 100 pounds and he did going from 280 to 180. Matter of fact he did an additional ten and is still coming down. He has a solid tight defense that his opponent Scott Bronner, 0-1 of Lebanon, PA, was having problems penetrating. Bronner making his debut at 32 seemed much too late to start a career.

Though Bronner got his licks in a right uppercut followed by a short left hook had Bronner on the canvas in the second round. He beat the count but you knew he wasn’t 100%. Again Jenkins landed a right and left driving Bronner into the ropes. Referee Shawn Clark had seen enough and wisely waved it off at 2:22 of the second round.

North Philly’s “Lightning” Lonnie Jackson, 1-0-1 (0) was making his return after almost two years and found it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park early as William Morgan, 0-0-1, also of Philly let him know it. Morgan stung Jackson early in the first round. Jackson seemed to come back in taking the second and third round but in the fourth while backing up a right hand by Morgan landed and though it may have been a slip it was counted as a knockdown.

As Jenkins lay there Morgan over reacted and landed another punch. I have seen this happen many times but rarely will a referee take a point away from the fighter. Referee Jimmy Condon is to be commended for doing just that. It cost Morgan the fight since Pasquale and LaRosa had it 37-37 as did this writer and Benoist had it 39-35 for Morris. A draw decision was not very well received by the fans. These were lightweights.

In the opening bout two North Philly lightweights in Luis Castro, 3-1 (1), and Ramon Ellis 1-6 (0), battled for all 4 rounds. It was Castro’s first fight in 3 years and he was warned at the pre-fight during the week by this writer to forget the record of Ellis because he could fight.

Ellis almost dropped the taller Castro at the start. With his fans screaming for him Castro tried but was starting to fade by the end of the second round after a terrific body beating by Ellis. Castro kept walking Ellis to the ropes for the next two rounds and holding but never lost a point by referee Clark though warned. Pasquale had it 40-36 as did this writer while LaRosa and Benoist had it 39-37 all for Ellis who posted his first win.

Nick Tiberi did his usual good matchmaking job as did ring announcer Larry Tournabe. A guest ring announcer did the introduction for the lone female bout. This Miss Teen USA contestant is Amber-Joi Watkins who served her knockout intro. The promoters announced that they will run again June 3rd with North Philly favorite Victor Vasquez on top.

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