Farah Ennis Upset and Amir Mansour Wins by KO in Atlantic City
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (April 4, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
The unbeaten record of North Philadelphia’s Farah Ennis, 17-1 (11), came to an end in his NABF Super Middleweight non-title fight majority loss to Alexander Johnson, 11-0 (4), of Oxon Hill, MD, at Bally’s in Atlantic City Saturday night!  In the Semi-windup heavyweight Amir Mansour, 13-0 (10), of Wilmington, DE, sent his third straight opponent out on a stretcher!

Pound 4 Pound Promotions didn’t play any favorites as some of the “opponents” went home with victories thanks to the good matchmaking of Nick Tiberi.  The show started off with the newest local favorite in Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna, 2-0 (2), out of the Millville/Vineland area, of NJ, with his second straight first round knockout in 2 months.  He scored 3 knockdowns with 3 lead right hands stopping Bobby Bynum’s, 0-3, Bailey, NC, in 1:36, of the first round as referee Earl Brown waved it off!

In the main event Farah Ennis, looked sluggish by the fifth round against southpaw Alexander Johnson, who dropped to super middleweight for the first time in his career. Both were within the 168 limit but Johnson was unranked in the NABF ratings so there was no title at stake.

Johnson hardly landed a punch in the opening round feeling Ennis out who landed several lead right hands.  “I thought I hurt him in the first round with a body shot,” said Ennis.  Johnson was busier in the second and fourth rounds while Ennis seemed to take the third round landing some combinations. 

In the fifth round Ennis suffered a bloody nose and Johnson kept up the attack in the sixth until the final seconds of the round when Ennis landed some solid shots.  The corner of Ennis kept encouraging him to “back him up” as he allowed Johnson who had never been beyond 6 rounds to outwork him.

“He had to back him up,” said Bozy Ennis.  His father/trainer knew he had been suffering from a cold but seemed fine the day of the fight.  “No excuses but he had a hard time breathing early in the fight from a lingering cold,” said co-manager Moz Gonzales.  The other co-manager Eddie Woods was up from his seat more than in it waving his hands encouraging Ennis to come forward.

Things started to look a little better for Ennis in the eighth round landing hard right hands and following up with left hooks until a cut in the back of the right eye lid opened up.  From the ninth round on his face was a mask of blood on his right side.  To Johnson’s credit he never stopped throwing punches in his first 10 rounder until the final bell sounded.  All ringside press had Johnson ahead when ring announcer Henry Hascup announced “we have a majority decision.” 

Judge John McKay had it 95-95 while judge’s Tony Perez, 98-93 and Joe Pasquale 97-93 for Johnson.  The referee was Ricky Vera.  DHB had it 97-93 Johnson.

In the Semi-windup you could feel the excitement in the crowd awaiting some fireworks when Wilmington’s Amir Mansour who was originally from Penns Grove, NJ, entered the ring with his head trainer Philly’s Moses Robinson.  His manager Keith Stoffer wanted a “step-up opponent and it seemed he had one in Hector “Hurricane” Ferreyo, 21-10, (12) of Laredo, TX, who won the IBC heavyweight title last year.

Picture Marvin Hagler at 217 and you see Mansour.  He cornered his opponent in a neutral corner and unloaded what looked like a roundhouse right hand that dropped Ferreryo like a rock face down and he wasn’t moving.  Since referee Brown waved it off immediately it goes down as a technical knockout but was a clear cut knockout.  The EMT’s were right in the ring with a stretcher. 

“That’s 3 in a row I sent out on a stretcher,” said Mansour.  Resuming his career after a 9 year absence Mansour scored his fourth straight knockout since August of 2010.  A right, 2 lefts and a right ended each with a single punch.  “We’ll be willing to fight any of the contenders.  I talked to him though he still seemed out on the stretcher.  I pray he is fine,” said Mansour.  He also made it clear fellow heavyweight Chazz Witherspoon helped get him ready with plenty of sparring for this one.  Dover Downs, DE, May 27th is next.

Damian “Bolo” Wills, 30-2 (23), Los Angeles, CA, finally stopped smaller Aaron Lyons, 12-10 (9), LasCruces, NM, by doctors request at the end of 9 rounds due to a badly cut eye and nose bleeding over the last 3 rounds.  Lyons was not happy since he only had another round to go but referee Brown per doctor’s orders called a halt.  

It seemed the only round Lyons won was the fourth up until the end.  He seemed to fight better when hurt by his opponent.  He had his knees buckled in the sixth and got hit after a break with his hands down.  On both occasions he fought back furiously.  By the ninth he was fighting on heart and instinct with his face a mask of blood causing vision problems.  Possibly Wills could step in with the smaller Mansour in the near future.

Bayonne, NJ, cruiserweight Bobby Rooney, 12-3-1 (7), made short work of Adrian Armstrong, 3-1-1 (3), of Springfield, MO, in 2:03 of the first round.  Rooney’s jab was controlling things when he cornered Armstrong in a neutral corner.  He had him covering up when a wicked overhand left dropped Armstrong who couldn’t beat the count as referee Brown waved it off.  Armstrong had a nasty mouse under his left eye.  

Light middleweight Steven Martinez, 9-0 (7), of the Bronx, NY, won every round of a 4 against always trying John Eric Marriott, 3-3 (3), of Independence, MO.  A third MO boxer had better luck as southpaw Steven Johnson, 7-2 (4), St. Joseph, MO, scored a mild upset over Victor “Viper” Valenzuela, 8-2 (1), of Passaic, NJ, by scores of 59-54 and 58-55 twice.  These 2 never stopped punching from the opening bell.  Vera was the referee.

Atlantic City’s Osnel Charles, 8-2, won his seventh straight with a split decision over southpaw Chris Green, 4-3 (1), of Asbury Park, NJ.  This was a fight that could have gone either way.  Judge Tony Perez somehow came up with a 60-54 for Charles while scores of 58-56 Joe Pasquale for Green and 58-56 by John McKay giving the win to Charles.

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