"Sugar" Ray Leonard stops Floyd Mayweather in 10th!
Ken Hissner (April 9, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Floyd Mayweather raced across the ring at the start of the 1st round and continued to be the aggressor throughout the round until the halfway point when Leonard landed a good quick left hook stopping Mayweather in his tracks. Close first round.

In the 2nd round with a minute to go Leonard on the attack with uppercuts and straight right hands to the head of Mayweather. With about 5 seconds to go in the round Leonard rocked Mayweather. In the 3rd round Mayweather got Leonard in a corner and showed his quick hand speed landing several combinations as Leeonard covered up and slipped away into the middle of the ring. Suddenly Leonard became the aggressor at the halfway point putting Mayweather into the ropes landing 5 straight right hands to the head. Mayweather broke away only to be stalked by Leonard who trapped Mayweather against the ropes again landing 24 straight punches without return as Mayweather tried to cover up. The last 6 punches were overhand rights that almost had Mayweather down at the bell.

In the 4th Mayweather came out the aggressor with Leonard almost slipping backing up the crowd roared. As a cover-up Leonard did his windmill wind-up with his right hand. Mayweather landed 2 left hooks to the body of Leonard but fell off balance into the ropes as Leonard danced away. Leonard went on the attack forcing Mayweather into the ropes with 25 unanswered punches. A left hook staggered Mayweather against the ropes with Leonard landing for more punches at the bell.

In the 5th round Leonard raced across the ring as he found Mayweather not ready and Leonard stepped back. Mayweather again the aggressor as Leonard countered well. It was a good round for both fighters. The 6th and 7th round Leonard worked the body of Mayweather wearing him down. In the 8th Leonard scored a pair of knockdowns as Mayweather was trying to hold on. In the 9th Leonard’s first punch was a lead right hand that rocked Mayweather into the ropes. Mayweather, tired, flicked out a jab trying to hold Leonard off, Leonard landed a right to the head rocking Mayweather.

In the 10th and final round Mayweather was hold on trying to make it through the round while Leonard was looking for a knockout. Mayweather seemed out on his feet at the halfway point. Leonard landed 2 straight lefts that almost knocked Mayweather down as he leaned to his left against the ropes. As Mayweather came forward Leonard backed up landing punch after punch before referee Martin Taber wisely stopped the fight with Mayweather completely exhausted at 2:16 of the 10th round.

Is this a dream fight comparing Leonard to Mayweather? No, it was September 9th, of 1978, at the Civic Center, in Providence, Rhode Island. Leonard, 13-0 (8), against Mayweather, 15-1 (8), having reversed the loss in his next fight. Leonard had Angelo Dundee, Jinks Morton and Dave Jacobs in his corner while Mayweather had Dale Williams and manged by Hank Grooms, maker of champions.

“Sugar” Ray Leonard was the second coming of “Sugar” Ray Robinson some 30 years later. No, not as good as Robinson, but great for his time in a period of boxing that was considered the last great era by many. Now, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., tries to stop today’s “Sugar” man, in “Sugar” Shane Mosley. While Mayweather may not be another Leonard, he is one of the top two fighters pound for pound in the world. Awaiting the winner? None other than Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines, the number one fighter in the world today. Mayweather may be facing his biggest test since Oscar De La Hoya. The pot of gold awaits the winner.

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