Tomasz "Goral" Adamek Pitches Shutout over Kevin McBride in Newark Saturday
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (April 11, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Before over 7,500 fans Kathy Duva’s Main Events and Ziggy Promotions brought back former IBF cruiserweight champion Tomasz “Goral” Adamek, 44-1 (28), of Gilowice, POL, who easily defeated  Kevin McBride, 35-9-1 (29), of Clones, IRE, in a defense of his IBF International/NABO Heavyweight title’s over 12 rounds.  Adamek was outweighed by 70 pounds and giving up 5” in height.  Adamek has won 13 straight and 6-0 as a heavyweight.

An obvious overweight McBride entered the ring looking like he was there for a payday.
Adamek easily took the first round with body shots and moving on the clumsy McBride.  The only punch landed by McBride was an uppercut during a clinch.  Adamek would spin him around and land hard left hooks.

In the second round Adamek went more on the offense. At the bell McBride landed a left hook to the body and it looked like he tripped over McBrides foot but it was ruled a slip.  In the third round Adamek landed hard left hooks to the midsection and to the head that had McBride covering up.

In the fourth round a chopping right hand hurt McBride who had welts on his forehead from jabs from Adamek.  McBride tried several times to head butt Adamek.   

In the sixth McBride landed his best punch of the night with a left hook.  He was hitting Adamek behind the head when he got in close.  Adamek landed numerous left hooks to the body and right hands to the head. 

In the seventh a 3 punch combination frustrated McBride who was having blood coming down from his forehead.  Adamek was wrestled to the canvas.  He got up and was mad taking it to McBride who had a cut on his left eye.  Neumann took a warranted point away from McBride for wrestling Adamek.  A combination rocked McBride at the bell.  Referee Neumann had to call the doctor up who should have been up in the ring checking the cut on the eye of McBride.

In the eighth Adamek landed a 3 punch combination hurting McBride who was just surviving. In the ninth McBride again would hold and hit behind the head while taking a beating.  In the tenth a 4 punch combination by Adamek to the midsection was followed by a right to the jaw stunning McBride.  Adamek was moving quite well, landing jabs at will and hard body shots.

In the eleventh McBride would lunge forward with a jab and take punch after punch from Adamek.  Can’t fault McBride for trying but he was completely out boxed and out punched by Adamek.  The best right hand of the night came from Adamek on the jaw of McBride who stumbled into the corner as Adamek moved out of his way at the bell.

In the twelfth and final round Adamek played to the crowd landing punches at will and moving out of the way of the plodding McBride.  Somehow McBride stayed on his feet.  Adamek had his best round and to McBride’s credit he showed a lot of heart taking the beating he took and not quitting.

The judge’s had it 120-107 and 119-108 twice for Adamek.  Showing his usual good sportsmanship Adamek’s he held up the hand of McBride for lasting 12 rounds. 

Olympian Sadam “World Kid” Ali, 12-0 (7), of Brooklyn, NY, knocked out Javier Perez, 8-5 (5), of Puerto Rico, in 2:43 of the third round.  This was scheduled for 8 in the welterweight division. 
Ali looked like he was looking for an early ending at the start.  He finally landed a big left hook that spun Perez around and down.  He was able to beat the count and was on the defense.  Inspite of being knocked down Perez was not easy to hit.  At the end of the round Ali landed a big punch. 

In the third round Perez landed a good lead right to the jaw of Ali who shrugged it off like it was nothing.  Perez seems to be trying to land that one sneak right hand.  He knew he wasn’t going to outpoint Ali.  The left hook finally paid off again for Ali as Perez went down like a sack of potatoes.  Referee Morton wisely waved it off without a count.

Andrzej Fonfara, 17-2 (8), of Warsaw, POL, knocked out Ray Smith, 9-6 (3), of Little Rock, AK, in 1:04 of the fourth in an 8 round light heavyweight bout.

In the opening round Smith landed a right hand and smiled like he had Fonfara’s number early.  Fonfara continued to press him landing jabs and an occasional left hook getting the better of Smith who was no longer smiling.  In the second it was a big round for Fonfara as he pressed forward making Smith back up.  A solid combination by Fonfara brought the many Polish fans to their feet. 

In the fourth a right hand drove Smith into the ropes while the referee Higgins hesitated to give a standing count as Fonfara continued to land a barrage of punches.  Shortly after this again Fonfara drove Smith into the ropes and again Higgins hesitated.  Fonfara jumped on Smith dropping him with a left hook.  As Higgins was counting, Fonfara was up on the corner ropes celebrating as the fans went wild!  The time was 1:04 of the fourth.

Josellito Collado, 12-0 (3), of Queens, NY, won a split decision over Rafael Lora, 11-4 (5), Dominican, now out of Irvington, NJ, in a featherweight 6.  Collado had his hands full with Lora early until he got a cut outside corner of his left eye brow in the third round from an accidental head butt.  He got very aggressive after this possibly fearing a cut stoppage.

Three straight rounds from the third to the fifth both fighters were punching after the bell.  Referee Earl Morton was not getting in fast enough.  Lora is spending too much time running from Collado and throwing an occasional right at him. 

After a warning for a low blow referee Morton rightfully took a point away from Collado on the next one.  The round was one sided up until then.  In the sixth and final round both boxers let it all hang out with both getting stung but Collado getting the best of it.  Each fighter took a 57-56 but Collado received a 59-54 to win by split decision.

Jose “Mangu” Peralta, 6-1 (4), of Jersey City, NJ, stopped Ever Luis Perez, 10-17-18 (8), of Bolivar, COL, at 2:49 of the third round.  Peralta knocked Perez into the ropes in the second round.  In the third Peralta dropped Perez who was badly hurt and couldn’t beat the count as referee Alan Higgins waved it off.

In the opening bout of the night Vinny O’Brien, 2-0 (2), of East Hanover, NJ, stopped Shakir Aquel Dunn, 0-1, who was debuting out of Newark, NJ, at 2:51 of the fourth round in a welterweight 4.  

The first round was a feeling out round until O’Brien landed 2 straight right leads to the midsection of Dunn.  In return Dunn landed several rights of his own to the head.  In the second round O’Brien landed an overhand right to the neck of Dunn. A left hook rocked Dunn who immediately went on the defense.  

In the third round O’Brien landed 4 left’s to the head of Dunn. In the fourth and final round O’Brien lands a hard right to the head of Dunn.  With 30 seconds to go O’Brien was landing punches almost at will as his many fans were cheering him on.  He went on the attack and referee Morton had no choice but to stop it.

As O’Brien was getting his picture taken by the photographer’s he called his trainer Lou Esa in to be with him in an act of appreciation and closeness of both.  O’Brien has had less than a dozen amateur bouts but is learning his trade well.

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