Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik Back with Win over Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (May 9, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing)
Kelly Pavlik vs Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez
Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik, 37-2 (32) of Youngstown, OH, returned to action after over a year’s absence and defeated previously unbeaten Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez, 21-1 (16) of Cut n’ Shoot, TX, Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, over 10 workmanlike rounds.

Lopez came out sticking and moving for the better part of the first 2 rounds until Pavlik cornered him in the second round. In the third Lopez knowing he wasn’t going to move and outbox Pavlik came inside landing nice quick combinations. In the fourth round an accidental head butt caused a cut above the right eye below the eyebrow of Pavlik’s that was contained at rounds end and never was a factor.

In the fifth round Pavlik was continuously landing rights to the left hip area of Lopez that more or less took away the jab of Lopez. A solid left hook by Pavlik was the punch of the round. Lopez trained by Henry and Trey Harris would end each round up strong trying to steal the round.

Lopez showed surges of 2 to 4 punches backing up Pavlik but more like arm punches than anything with power on them. Fighting in spurts was not going to win him the round. Pavlik’s long range jab and straight rights were taken away for the most part through 8 rounds but even with long arms he knows how to hurt an opponent inside.

In the last 2 rounds it was Pavlik going for a knockout finish instead of Lopez who needed one to win the fight. Both fighters showed good sportsmanship and respect for one another throughout the fight. Lopez received a cut possibly from an accidental head butt in the final round over his right eye.

It was Lopez in the latter part of the fight that seemed to be grasping for air possibly due to the pounding he took on his left side. Each fighter at the end went to the opposite corner acknowledging a good fight from both. Manager/trainer Jack Lowe had Pavlik well prepared to go the distance.

When top ring announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr. read off Adalaide Byrd’s 95-95 score the fans seemed stunned. Houck had it 98-92 and CJ Ross 99-91 for Pavlik by majority decision. Pavlik remarked he was surprised by the draw verdict but gave Lopez more credit than the other 2 judges. Lopez has a good future but didn’t pull off the upset in this one.

Notes: In the Jorge Arce and Wilfredo Vasquez, Jr., WBO super bantamweight title fight possibly because of the quickness of the fighters Joe Cortez seemed to be a step behind. In the fourth round Arce was knocked back and it seemed he tripped over the foot of Cortez who shouldn’t have been positioned behind the fighter. He ruled it a knockdown to the surprise of the fans.

In the Main event of the Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley fight Mosley pushed Pacquiao with his right hand to the canvas right in front of referee Kenny Bayliss who seemed oblivious to it ruling a knockdown. This turned the remainder of the fight in Pacquiao’s favor being upset and taking it to Mosley after numerous touching of the gloves after infractions up to that point which seemed like a Mosley tactic to keep Pacquiao from attacking. He didn’t want to get Pacquiao upset after feeling his power in the second round and being badly hurt

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