Keenan Collins and Eliud Torres win in Reading, PA
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (May 23, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Kennan Collins
King Promotions put on a pro-am card at the Soverign Center in Reading, PA, Saturday night before an entertained crowd that were treated to a quick ending main event. Kennan Collins, 13-5-2 (9), Reading, PA, came out and rocked Jorge Rosado, 4-10, of Allentown, PA, early in the round with a right hand. Both boxers seemed to otherwise go into the feeling out stages of this 6 round main event light middleweight fight. With less than 15 seconds remaining in the round a right hand dropped Delgado. As referee Gary Rosato reached the 8 count Delgado was up and dazed. Collins was all over him when Rosato waved it off at the bell.

In the semi-windup Travis Thompson, 4-8 (3), of Pottstown, PA, did his best to get under southpaw Eliud Torres, 5-2, of Allentown, PA, jab and chopping right hand but his best was not quite good enough. Thompson was always the aggressor but couldn’t cut the ring off and Torres took 3 of the first 4 rounds with the third being the best of the rounds. Whenever Thompson got Torres in a corner, and usually the corner of Torres he whacked Torres with some terrible body shots.

In the fifth round it was a war as Thompson had Torres again on the ropes but this time in his own corner as trainer Marshall Kauffman was yelling out advice. Somehow Torres managed to get out of the corner. In the sixth and last round of this lightweight match Torres got on his bicycle. “He knew he was ahead and just wanted to survive the last round by running,” said Thompson. Rosato was the referee. Dave Greer and Tony Wolfe had it 58-56 while Rich Hopkins had it 59-55 all in favor of Torres.

Another local favorite Will Miranda, 2-3-1, of Allentown, PA, had a good weight advantage over cruiserweight veteran Zeferino Albino, 4-12-3 (2), of Philadelphia, PA, and seemed to do enough in the last round to pull it out in this 4 rounder but all 3 judges saw it 38-38. Ring announcer Larry Tournabe asked the crowd if they wanted to see a rematch and “yes, yes” they shouted out. Referee was Vic deWysocki. If it wasn’t for bad luck Miranda would have no luck!

Grayson Blake, 2-0 (1), of York, formerly of State College, took all 4 rounds over debuting Danny “Pete” Lugo, 0-1, of Harrisburg, PA, who took a couple rounds to warm-up in this light middleweight contest. Rosato was the referee.

Cesar Gonzales 0-0-1, of Reading, PA, made his debut at age 35, and held his own for 3 rounds of this super featherweight match, but couldn’t keep up with the amount of punches his opponent Osahon Omo-Osagie, 0-0-1, of State College landed in the fourth and final round.

Omo-Osagie did well when he was southpaw but when he turned to orthodox he let Gonzales right back into the fight. Though it seemed Omo-Osagie did enough to pull it out the final decision was a draw. Greer was it 39-37 for Gonzales, Wolfe 40-36 for Omo-Osagie and Hopkins had it 38-38. DeWysocki was the referee.

In the opening bout of heavyweights Randy Eastman, 0-0-1, of Williamsport, PA, and Antonio Robertson, 0-2-1, of South Carolina, did about what is expected of young heavyweights in not showing much action. Robertson seemed to pull it out but judge Greer had it 39-37 for him while Hopkins had it 39-37 for Eastman with Wolfe calling it a draw 38-38. Referee was Rosato.

On a 6 bout card to have 3 draws is very unusual but when you are dealing with 4 rounds it seems to work out that way sometimes. There were 5 round bouts done in some states but it never caught on. Renee Aikens was the matchmaker.

The 5 bout amateur show opened the show first and had some exciting matches but the last one between female boxers was the hit of the amateurs. Trainers, Barry Stump, Jimmy Ruoff, Marshall Kauffman and Ronnie Hammond supplied most of the boxers. In attendance was Elio Rojos, WBC featherweight champion.

Both Travis Kauffman, Reading heavyweight and Josh Bowles, Harrisburg featherweight didn’t fight as scheduled due to lack of opponents. There was music supplied by the promoter with both artists being very entertaining. Rumors have it King Promotions may expand to DE for a show during the summer.

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