Omar Shieka Stops Jim Strohl in Jersey
By Ken Hissner at ringside (June 19, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Omar Shieka, 30-9 (21), of Paterson, NJ, looked very sharp after delivering unanswered return from Jim Strohl, 27-9 (21), of Las Vegas, Friday night scoring a stoppage at 2:01 of the 3rd round when referee Lindsey Page had seen enough. Shieka’s fans were celebrating at the Cedar Gardens Ballroom, in Hamilton, NJ, and as he left the ring he was surrounded by many of them. For those who may have thought it was a premature stoppage, Strohl was on his stool for sometime afterwards possibly being treated for a broken nose. It was Shieka’s fourth knockout win in his last five fights and the second under Nedal Promotions who seems to have given him another chance this time in the light heavyweight division.

There’s an old saying, “don’t match two southpaws against each other” and Friday night was no exception. Terrance “Heat” Cauthen, 35-6 (9), of Trenton, seemed to easily defeat Cleotis “Prince” Pendarvis, of L.A., but had to settle for a split decision win over 8 rounds in a welterweight sleeper. The former Olympian was encouraged by his corner to throw his left hand but it only happened on rare occasions and even less from Pendarvis. Cauthen frustrates his fans by not following up after landing two or three right hooks and no left hand behind them. His hand speed with the right is very effective but he covers up too much.

Pierre Benoist (79-73) and Eugenia Williams (77-75) seemed to get it right, but Debra Barnes (77-75) voting for Pendarvis is a mind boggler. Pendarvis seemed to have an edge in the 1st round and in the 2nd round neither fighter did much of anything. The 5th and 8th rounds were close. This writer had it 78-75 for Cauthen with an even 2nd round.

In probably the best fight of the night in one of the five 4 rounder’s on the undercard was Benji Morales, of Allentown, PA, in his pro debut winning over southpaw Francisco “Mr. Magoo” Ortiz, 1-1 (0), of Vega Baja, PR, by a score of 39-37 on all three scorecards. Ortiz fought the last round like he already won the fight and it cost him a possible draw. Ortiz landed some nice uppercuts when inside but Morales was the much busier the entire 4 rounds. Page served as the referee.

Lightweight Rami Ibrahim, 3-8-1 (1), of Kuwait, now fighting out of Philadelphia, had a problem dealing with the hand speed of Marcus Smith, 0-3, of Trenton, in the 1st round. In the 2nd he would force Smith to the ropes in order to land punches. As Smith worked his way off the ropes he was caught with a wild left hook to the jaw and down he went. He beat the count but was in no condition to continue as referee Brown wisely called a halt at 1:02 of the round. It was the first stoppage win for Ibrahim who was coming off a 16 month lay-off. His corner of Billy Briscoe and Gabe Rosado encouraged him after the 1st round to be more offensive.

Super middleweight Alando Swain, 1-1 (0), of Trenton, easily won for the first time switching at times to southpaw after the 1st round to offset the jab of southpaw Khalil Farah, 6-5 (1), of Jordan, now fighting out of Philadelphia. Swain delivered some wicked body shots throughout the contest and Farah had no answer in return except to survive. Williams and Benoist seemed to have it right at 40-36 while Barnes had it 39-37. Brown was the referee.

Light heavyweight Charles “Cobra” Hayward, 4-2 (1), easily defeated fellow Philadelphian Reshawn Scott, 2-4 (0), over 4 rounds. Hayward was encouraged by his trainer Elvin Thompson to throw punches in bunches as the muscular Scott was kept on the defense not able to deal with the speed of Hayward. All scores were 40-36 as was this writer’s.

In the opening bout lightweight Osnel Charles, 3-2, of Atlantic City, defeated Ramon Ellis, 0-6, of Philadelphia, over 4 rounds by 39-37 on all scorecards. It was a good fight with Charles being the busier of the two especially to the body. Ellis is better than his record shows. The referee was Page.

The announcer was Dean Stone Calabrese who did an excellent job. Though matchmaker J. Russell Peltz was at ringside, the promoter said he had no matchmaker for this card.

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