Former IBF Featherweight Champion Calvin Grove Stabbed!
Interview by Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 19, 2009)    
Coatesville, Pennsylvania’s former IBF featherweight champion Calvin Grove was stabbed by a downstairs neighbor this past Friday. He is recovering and doing well like the champion he is.

I was informed by Bob Spagnola about the incident. Spagnola had managed Grove when he was with the Houston Boxing Association.

In talking with Grove today (Wednesday) he got out of the hospital Monday. “I live above the guy and was going to my car for something when he called my name. I went to his door and he grabbed me by the shirt and stabbed me with a knife,” said Grove.

The wound was only 1” from his heart. Fortunately for Grove the knife did not go in deep. “I reacted hitting him with a right uppercut and I think his balls were up around his throat. I knocked him down and struggled to get help,” said Grove. The neighbors contacted the police who were in the area and were there in seconds. “He came outside his place with a machete when the police arrived. He told them I tried robbing him with a shotgun,” said Grove.

The neighbor’s name is being withheld and is in custody. I ran into Grove and former heavyweight contender Jimmy Clark at an amateur show last month in Coatesville. Both are not much above their old fighting weights.

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