Ding-A-Ling Ready To Become WBA Cruiser King
Interview by Ken Hissner (April 27, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
There is a Biblical saying “do not judge meekness for weakness”. I met Darnell ‘Ding-A-Ling’ Wilson (23-6-3, 20 KOs) at Dover Downs for his bout with BJ Flores in February. He was so quiet and soft spoken. Then he enters the ring and it’s like a different person. He is so explosive with his punching power that it is very difficult to get quality opponents to fight him. This will all change on May 3rd when he fights in Germany against Firat Arslan for the WBA cruiserweight title. Through his “coach” Charles Mooney, a member of 1976 Olympic team, I was able to again talk with the Ding-A-Ling man. He is well
nicknamed for when he hits his opponents they sure do hear bells. Having scored 20 knockouts in his 23 wins sure proves that point.

Ken Hissner: On May 3rd you will travel to Germany to meet Firat Arslan (28-3-1, 18 KOs) for his WBA cruiserweight title. What do you know about him?

Darnell Wilson:
I’ve seen tapes of Arslan. He looks strong and leans on you. He throws a lot of uppercuts. We won’t have to be looking for him.

KH: In February you lost to BJ Flores and now get a title bout.

It was a blessing in disguise.

KH: You have traveled to Canada and Russia. Will going to Germany have any mental effect on you?

In Canada in stopping Dale Brown I felt really good for that one. In Russia I took the fight with Vadim Tokarev without enough time to get in proper shape and it was still a close fight. I have no problem traveling.

KH: Speaking of Tokarev, Arslan drew with him back in 2003. Will Arslan being a southpaw, make it more difficult for you?

I have fought 7 or 8 southpaws. George Jones, James Lubwama, Forrest Neal, Daniel Judah, Felix Cora, Jr., to name some of them. He doesn’t fight like a southpaw anyway. He squares himself up.

KH: You had a big win over a big guy in Emmanuel Nwodo to win the USBA title. I noticed he was at your next fight with Flores cheering you on.

Yes, he is a big guy and a real good fighter. It was good having his support.

KH: I know for the Flores fight you had some sleep issues.

All of that has been straightened out. I feel great.

KH: Will your trainer Charles Mooney have you in Florida until leaving for Germany?

Yes. We have good sparring. Eliecer Castillo, the Cuban southpaw who is trained by Howard Davis, Jr. (Mooney’s Olympic teammate) will be working with us.

KH: I ran into the former champ Virgil Hill in Atlantic City Saturday night. His last fight was with Arslan. He sends his respect and wishes you well in this fight. He also said exactly what you saw on film in his bout with Arslan.

I have never met Virgil but know he is a good person and a good fighter. I appreciate his good wishes.

KH: When did you know the fight was made?

My promoter (Dino Duva) came to me but I didn’t want to get overly excited because I didn’t want a let down. Then, we signed for the fight March 16th.

KH: I know you are a religious man as is your coach, Charles Mooney. I remember after the Flores fight how your team got in a prayer circle.

I was baptized when I was 12. I’ve paid my dues. I’m always thankful to all my fans for their support.

KH: Steve Cunningham holds the IBF title and since David Haye holds the WBO, WBC and WBA titles, he is considered undisputed champ by the WBA. That happens when one of their champs holds two titles. If he moves up like he says he will, this would make the WBA title fight with Arslan for more than a junior title.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your training to talk to us.

You’re welcome. I’m glad we were able to get together again.

Note: Wilson scored a knockout March 15th while Arslan last fought in November.

Ken at: kenhissner@yahoo.com

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