Jennings and Hunter Win in Philly: Full Boxing Report from Ringside
Jennings and Hunter Win in Philly: Full Boxing Report from Ringside
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 13, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photos © Gary Purfield)
Bryant “By By” Jennings
Philadelphia’s USBA heavyweight champion Bryant “By By” Jennings, 16-0 (8), kept unbeaten with a 5th round TKO at 1:53 dropping Bowie Tupou, 22-3 (16), of Los Angeles, CA, with a right uppercut followed by a short left hand. Tupou was on his back until 8 and got to his feet as referee Blair Talmadge waved it off! It was Jennings first defense and fifth win of 2012. Tupou outweighed Jennings 253 to 225¼.

This was a Main Events, Peltz Boxing, Goossen Tutor Boxing, BAM Boxing and Temple University promotion! It was held at Temple’s McGonigle Hall on N. Broad Street and carried by NBC Sports Network. Two long delays had the fans restless when both ambulances were off to the hospital with a boxer and a fan until one got back.

“I’m a slow starter and he was very strong,” said Jennings. Immediately upon winning he jumped from the ring to his grandmother and No. 1 fan sitting in the first row. Trainer Fred Jenkins has another heavyweight winner here. Back in 2000 he had Malik Scott who defeated Tupou in his last fight under current HOF trainer Jesse Reid.

Eric “The Outlaw” Hunter
In the semi-windup Philly’s Eric “The Outlaw” Hunter, 17-2 (9), took the fight on short notice replacing Teon Kennedy and used a left hook to breakdown previously unbeaten Jerry “Corpus Christi Kid” Belmontes, 17-1 (5), of Corpus Christi, TX.

In the second round a Hunter left hook countered a missed right hand by Belmontes and down went Belmontes. He couldn’t avoid the punch through all 10 rounds. He tried to man handle Hunter and gave him no room for the hook but it was futile. In the third and fourth Belmontes seemed to be giving Carter some problems but it was down hill from the fifth round. By the eighth Hunter started showboating with hands to side and shaking his shoulders. The last 2 rounds saw little action with Belmontes failing to go for broke though knowing he was way behind.

All 3 judges had it for Hunter. John Condon 99-91, Alan Rubenstein 99-90 and George Hill 97-92 as did dhb. Gary Rosato served as the referee. Hunter started doing what looked like a touchdown dance after the decision despite his new corner trying to calm him down. This writer was surprised having seen Belmontes in his last fight unable to handle Carter throughout. He showed his sportsmanship upon hearing the decision by applauding Carter. This shouldn’t discourage Belmontes who should still have a bright future under the Main Events banner.

They’ve met 2 times and battled to draws on both occasions. Philly’s Angel Luis Ocasio, 7-0-2 (2) and Camden’s Jason Sosa, 7-1-3 (3) scored back to back stoppages highlighting the show as the Network went on live to the delight of their many fans.

Ocasio proved tonight he is a “finisher” and came back from a 10-month inactive period to score a first round knockdown with a straight right to the chin of Esteban Rodriguez, 6-4-1 (1) out of Lebanon, PA. In the second round Ocasio countered with a lead right to the chin knocking down Rodriguez again. After an Ocasio left hook to the body for a third knockdown referee Shawn Clark had seen enough at 0:38 of the 2nd round. Ocasio never looked better as a professional. This was a scheduled 6 in the lightweight division. This former amateur star seems to be on his way to making a statement.

Sosa was pitted against one time top amateur Isaac Suarez, 7-2 (3), of Lancaster, PA, who was coming off a 3-year lay-off since his first defeat. Sosa showed good work inside and rocked Suarez with about 10 seconds left in the opening round after a close fight up until then. He landed a dozen unanswered punches in the second round causing referee Talmadge to call a halt at the 2:10 mark! Suarez was overwhelmed after the first round. It was too tough of a fight to take after the lay-off. “I did great huh?” That was a smiling Sosa reacting to this writer who after one of the Ocasio draw’s rubbed him and his corner the wrong way.

I’ve been a fan since as Sosa has won 3 straight. Seems this 6 round super featherweight match will keep Sosa too light for a rubber match with Ocasio in the future which is fine with this writer who does not like to see locals matched against one another especially when he likes both fighters.

The show opened up with 3 lopsided bouts that is uncommon for matchmaker J Russell Peltz. In the opener prospect Hasan Young, 2-1-1 (1) proved to have too many guns for debuting Josue Rivera 0-2, in an all Philly welter 4 rounder that was stopped at 1:52 of the opening round by referee Clark after 3 knockdowns.

Another Philly prospect Anthony “Bad Boy” Burgin, 2-0 (1), won all 4 rounds on the judges (Rubenstein, LaRosa and Condon) scorecards easily defeated survivor also from Philly Kenneth Brown, 0-1, making his debut with vicious body work. This was a 4 round super featherweight bout. Referee was Rosato.

2012 National champion Jesse “Hard Work” Hart, 5-0 (4), was finally taken the distance by Steven Tyner, 3-9-2 (2), of Akron, OH, who refused to mix it up with the “can’t Miss” Philly future champion. Scores were 40-35 (Rubenstein and Condon) and 40-34 (George Hill). It was good to see Hart get some needed work and just as good to seen Fred Jenkins back in the Hart corner joining Eugene “Cyclone” Hart and young Fred Jr. whose foot injury kept him off the card. Hart complained that “I hurt my right hand early”.

In an opening shocker Taneal Goyco, 4-5-1 (2), pulled an Aaron “The Hawk” Pryor racing from his corner and landing the first punch an overhand right and down went Todd Unthank-May, 6-0 (2), in an all Philly light heavyweight 4 rounder. “I didn’t even realize I was knocked down,” said Unthank-May afterwards. He held on until his head cleared and clearly won the next 2 rounds and a close final round to take a 38-37 on the cards of Rubenstein, LaRosa and Hill along with dhb. This was a re-match and don’t be surprised to see them do it again. “Trainer David Feldman had the opening punch planned”, said Joey Eye. The all well known cut-man was in the Goyco corner. Clark was the referee. Goyco was very upset with the decision but let his foe off the hook.

Temple grad Alex “Macho” Barbosa, 4-1 (1), suffered his first loss in front of the home crowd when much improving Joshua Arocho, 3-6-2 (2), of Vineland, NJ, scored his second straight win after stopping the grandson of Larry “Peanut Head” Holmes in August. Arocho won by scores of 40-36 by LaRosa and Hill while Condon had it 39-37. It looked like a shutout from here. The referee was Rosato.

Prior to the first bout NBC broadcaster BJ Flores and former 2-time IBF cruiser champ Steve “USS” Cunningham were playing it up for the cameras with some slow motion sparring. Cunningham’s manager/wife Livvy was taking it all in at ringside. Flores has never been able to get a title fight while Cunningham is preparing for his rematch of 4 years ago with 2-division champion Tomasz “Goral” Adamek but this time in the heavyweight division. Both Cunningham and Adamek posed with shirts off in the ring for their December 22nd rematch at Bethlehem, PA’s, Sands Casino show promoted by Main Events and Peltz Boxing over NBC Sports Network. Both fighters are well liked by the fans for their showings and how they are friendly to their fans.

The youngest female promoter in the country, Brittany “BAM” Rogers continues to co-promote with Peltz and assist him with the matchmaking. Her 2 biggest fans, mom and dad who were at ringside. Mike Rogers was a once promising amateur who steered his only daughter from inside the ring to outside as a promoter.


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