Michael Katsidis shoots off a warning to Kevin Mitchell
By Kyle Lucas (April 7, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
The war of words is heating up nicely between popular fighters, Michael Katsidis (Australia) and Kevin Mitchell (UK). The two are set to face off on May 15th in London in a fight that puts Katsidis WBO interim lightweight world title on the line.

Quoted recently by MorningStarOnline, (a UK based Publication), Katsidis who heard Mitchell is comparing him to Kostya Tyszu and would utilize him as a stepping stone, had a warning for Mitchell.

Katsidis quoted by the publication in regards to his warning for Mitchell, stated: "I've got a message for him... I'm no-one's stepping stone. Katsidis, under no illusions, went on to add: "This is a big fight for both of us, but my time in boxing has taught me that you can't look ahead too far in this game."

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