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Interview: Nader "LionHeart" Hamdan
By Ty Cerminara, (July 4, 2004) 
Nader "LionHeart" Hamdan
July 03, 2004 - just spoke to Nader "LionHeart" Hamdan, and we have been informed that Nader will be fighting Arthur Abaraham of Germany , 11-0-0 11 KO's for the Vacant WBA Middleweight title in Germany on the 26th July 2004 at Brandenburg-Halle, Frankfurt / Oder. Contracts will be signed for the WBA Title fight on Monday July 5th 2004. Could this be Australia's next World Champion Ladies & Gentlemen?

Ty spoke to Nader via cell phone and this is what the LionHeart had to say..

TC: How are you feeling about this WBA title offer Nader?

NH: I am very Excited, this is an opportunity I have been waiting for, there is a lot on Offer.

TC: How do you rate Arthur Abaraham?

NH: I've never seen the guy fight before, my team will obtain some fight tapes this week and we will sit down and watch them together as a team.

TC: when are you due to fly out to Germany ?

NH: the 18th

TC: What tactic's will you use to upset the German ?

NH: I've got three weeks to train hard, there is a lot on offer for the winner and its a very good opportunity, one i have been waiting for a very long time.

TC: What made you decide to take this fight on such sort notice?

NH: I have never had the opportunity before so I decided to take the fight.

TC: Any words to the Fans! ?

NH: I will do my best come July 26th, I will bring the belt back home to Australia.

The Team traveling to Germany with Hamdan so far is, Mick Akkawy and Billy Hussein.
Special Thanks to Angelo Hyder for negotiating the July 26th Title WBA Middleweight title fight in Germany, Without Angelo this fight would not have happened. The fight will not be Telecast in Australia and Hamdan is not sure when the fight will be replayed in Australia.

Nader intends to defeat Abarahram and then challenge the WBA world champion Maselino Masoe for his Crown. Hamdan was scheduled to fight for the IBF Pan Pacific super middleweight title against Brett Culey on July 16 at the Penrith Panthers, but has decided to take the fight he feels will be more beneficial to his international career. Hamdan also informed that after he wins the International WBA Crown, Jeff Fenech has agreed to help Hamdan out in getting a fight with Masoe through the Famous Don King. Will be speaking to the LionHeart shortly after the in Germany fight via Cell phone, Come July 26th Australia may soon have a New International WBA Middleweight boxing Champion!

This Interview Provided By Ty Cerminara,

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