Interview with Nader Hamdan
Submitted by Ty Cerminara, (September 4, 2004) 
Nader Hamdan
September 03-04, 2004 - Nader Hamdan will Face Germanys Arthur Abraham tomorrow in Germany.  The fight is the main support bout for the Nelson vs Rüdiger WBO Cruiserweight title fight to be held at Gruga Halle in Essen, Germany for the Vacant WBA International Middleweight Crown. Nader will be fighting on Sunday at about 7am in the morning EST. We spoke with Team Hamdan Member Al Akkaway (AA) and Nader Hamdan (NH) on Friday the 3rd, the day before the Weigh in via cell phone and then again on Saturday the 4th, 3hrs after the weigh in.

LionHeart Fan's Can also Sign upto the community boards and wish Nader Good Luck on the Offical Nader Hamdan Good Luck Thread started by one of our forum members (THE_MAN) on the community board's. Simply CLICK HERE to view the thread and wish Nader all the best in his Quest for the WBA International Middleweight Crown.

AA: Nader weight in at 72.4 This morning, so hopefully we should be right after today’s training session, just a nice light training session it was today, he did it super hard yesterday , 20 x 3 minute rounds, trimmed down by about 3kg , but his feeling good so were ready to Rock and Roll!

TC: What time do the fights kick off AL ?

Fight Schedule to start Kick off at 7pm (CEST) Saturday Night , Nader’s the main support bout on the Card so we probably wont start fighting until probably 9 - 11pm (CEST), Were just popping in the car, we are just about to go back to the hotel.


NH: Hay Ty How are you Champ

TC: Good thanks mate, how’s everything been going ?

NH: Good man Good , just finished up last training session today and I’m going for a light run tomorrow.

TC: Looking forward to the fight ?

NH: Yeahh Man! I’m looking forward to the fight, all the hard works done, that’s it man, all the suffering’s finished, after tomorrow 4 o’clock. (CEST)

TC: Thanks Nader, Take Care mate

NH: All the best Champ!

AA: Everything’s going well, were ready, like Nader said “The Hard Works Done” his down to the weight and he will weigh in at 4 tomorrow, today was a nice light training session and Nader will be Strong on Saturday.



AA: Nader Weigh in at 72.110kg & Arthur Weigh in at 71.800kg
After the Weigh in we went in with the WBA official’s and had the rules read to us.

TC: How did the German look ?

AA: His a bit shorter then Nader, but we are not really concerned about looks, Mick’s just got his fighting plan with Nader and his going to stick to it , I wont say much about that plan at this stage, as you know. But we will stick to the plan & we will re-assess the plan a round or two into the fight.

TC: After Weigh in Meal ?

AA: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, Lettuce, tomato , some chicken kebab’s ( breast’s of chicken ) and some mince meat, we have come out to this same place day-in-day out in Essen Germany its called The Tiramide Sausalito House and they have looked after us, they have treated us really well here and we keep coming back , we have a couple of followers here already so its really good.

TC: The German is Shorter then Nader, is he solid ?

AA: His a little bit shorter, nothing much in it weight wise, his arms are long, I don’t know if there is much difference in the reach. But like I said we have the fighting plan, Mick & Nader Have got a fighting Plan and we are sticking to that.


How are you Nader?

NH: Hay Ty How are you mate ?

TC: Good thanks Nader. How You Feeling After the Weigh in ?

NH: Everything’s Great, I’m ready to go Champ!

TC: Take Care Nader

NH: Talk to you soon Champ.
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