Glencoffe Johnson Is Coming Back and He Won't be Denied
INTERVIEW By Chris Robinson (September 27, 2005)
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You can't really tell what goes through a fighter's head after a loss. Some might lose confidence or go through denial while others may use the loss as motivation for the future. For former Light Heavyweight king Glen 'The Road Warrior' Johnson, his loss last June to Antonio Tarver has done little to shake his confidence and he is coming back as determined as ever. Johnson meets George Khalid Jones September 30th on Fox Sports Net in hopes of getting back to his winning ways.

It isn't surprising at all to hear that Johnson 42-10-2 (28 KO's) is as motivated as ever and if successful against Jones he will once again be looking to take on the division's best, with the most logical choice being the winner between the upcoming third meeting between Roy Jones and Tarver. Throughout his career Johnson has traveled into opponent's backyards to win titles, suffered controversial decisions time and time again, and stayed steadfast all along the way. Be it challenger or champion Johnson is one of the most respectful and humble guys you will run into in the fight game and here's hoping he can stay around for a while.

Johnson recently stopped by to talk about his upcoming fight at the end of the month, his motivation for the sport, and what he thinks of the third Jones-Tarver encounter.

Fighting George Khalid Jones September 30th
'He's a tough, durable guy and he's been in there with some tough guys. He's won against a few names and he's lost against a few names. He's one of those guys who still has stuff to prove and he's determined to prove it, but unfortunately he won't prove it against me.

'I'm motivated because I still have something to prove. I became a world champion late in my career and I still have something to prove to the fans and the people who aren't convinced that I'm the real deal. Those are the motivations that keep me going.

Jones-Tarver III...
'I'm definitely looking to fight the winner of that fight but those guys know what type of fighter I am and they might duck me. They might try everything they can to fight someone besides me. I actually give Roy Jones a small edge in that fight. A lot of people disagree with me but I give him a small edge and I do believe he will beat Antonio Tarver.

Watch out...

'I just want the people to watch out for Glen Johnson. I'm coming and none of these guys can stop me and they know it. Otherwise they wouldn't be doing everything they can to duck me and hide. I've heard that Antonio Tarver is willing to go up to the Heavyweight division and that just shows that he's ducking me. He'd rather go up there than fight me. That's scary that someone like that can be that much of a coward.'

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