Introducing Shamone Alvarez
By Rob Scott (March 3, 2006) 
Shamone Alvarez
Whenever Atlantic City is talked about in boxing circles, of course we hear words spoken about the countless ring action over the years. This was the site where Mike Tyson was arguably at his best when he broke all kinds of pay-per-view records with his 91-second demolition of Michael Spinks in 1988 for the Undisputed Heavyweight title. Remember when George Foreman and Evander Holyfield faced each other for that same title in 1991? How about Dwight Muhammad Qawi vs. Mathew Saad Muhammad and Alexis Arguello vs. Ray Mancini? These along with more recent fighters like Arturo Gatti, Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, Kassim Ouma and others have made Atlantic City a fight Capital.

Atlantic City is also known as the spot where some of the toughest workouts are to be had. Between the Pleasantville Recreation Center and A.C.’s P.A.L., many of the past and present boxing stars have made stops in these gyms. These are also the walls and halls that have sprouted an up and coming star in Shamone ‘The Truth’ Alvarez.

At first, boxing is something that Alvarez just did in the gym. He never actually thought about being a fighter. “I kind of fell into being a fighter. I never really wanted to box. I wanted to wrestle and go to college on a scholarship and go to school for business or even become a doctor or something. I just went to the gym and started working out and competing, then the next thing I knew I was turning pro.”

As an amateur, Alvarez started competing in various tournaments, winning National and NJ State titles along the way. At the age of twenty-five he indeed threw himself into the professional ranks, compiling a record of 13-0 (9) thus far. The competition and winning have been the driving forces behind his success. “I see some guys who can fight and they go into fights and they know they are going to lose. I’m not one of those guys – I’m one that comes to win."

That winning mentality is a necessity as the ring is a dangerous place. Alvarez has seen the dangers first hand. The tragic death of his close friend and Atlantic City native Leavander Johnson this past September impacted him a great deal, but the show must and will go on. “It messed me up. I was messed up a whole lot, but it didn’t swing my ways by not wanting to box. It can happen to me and it can happen to anyone – it’s a part of the job. If you’re a cop or a fireman someone can get shot or burned up, but you’re not going to stop doing your job. That’s the way that I look at it.”

His way of being has allowed him to keep his head up and focused. That’s a good thing to have if you are going to be in this game, but he uses that mentality as well in his other line of work in the social work field. His job as a counselor for the Youth Advocate Program brings him in contact with troubled youths that he works with on a daily basis.

The valuable exposure on ESPN and Showtime’s boxing series ‘ShoBox: The New Generation’ has made people take notice and moreover made Alvarez himself take notice. “When I got those two Showtime fight back to back, that pretty much showed me what it can be. I didn’t just have to be just a boxer, I can become a star.”
He can also be world champion one day. That is something that he has seen some fellow Atlantic City fighters accomplish, but their accomplishments haven’t put pressure on him to be better. “People may expect that, but there is no pressure by my camp, my promoters, my managers or my trainers. Of course I hope to do it and be able to bring something home and say, ‘Hey this is something I did’.”

Having recently signed with New York based, NorthEast Promotions, Alvarez has already been assured of two dates coming up. The first of those dates being on March 10th versus former world title challenger Virgil McClendon on ShoBox. The next will most likely be against the ever dangerous ‘To Be Announced’ for his first professional regional title. These will be more chances for Alvarez to showcase his talents again to a nation wide audience.

‘Plan your work and work your plan’ is the blueprint for this young fighter. He has the ability to become a legitimate star, but it will take time.

If you really think about it, in today’s time, it’s not that hard to become a star in some sense. We have so many people in all varied fields that have a strong following, but of these, large portions are the equivalent of shooting stars. These shooting stars, while having certain brightness, are the versions that are here today and gone tomorrow.           

In boxing it’s no different as we have experienced fighters that have been perceived as second comings, only to end up in the ‘never really was’ category.

This is a sport centered on hard work, dedication, skill – and let’s not forget timing. Shamone Alvarez has been one that has been showing hard work, dedication and taking the time to hone his skills and hopefully one day become, not a shooting star, but a shining star.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing a future star – Shamone 'The Truth' Alvarez.
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