Television Deal Paves Way For Much Needed Boxing Exposure
By Rob Scott,, Doghouse Boxing (April 12, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
America One, L.A. Boxing Entertainment and Ro-Ro Productions Join Forces to Bring Boxing Back To The Masses.

For years now, the whispers of boxing’s demise have rang in our ears, with some voicing their opinion as to how to breathe life back into the sport, but ultimately not being able to put their best foot forward. Seek and you shall find? Well true boxing fans have indeed sought out their continued helpings of fights, only to be limited to boxing’s modern day exposure, or should we say, lack thereof. Ultimately, something had to be done.

In a move of monumental proportion, L.A. Entertainment and Ro-Ro Productions have joined forces and reached an exclusive multi-million dollar deal with America One; one of the largest and leading broadband and television companies in the world, reaching upwards of 63 million viewers worldwide. Together, the triple threat have positioned themselves to be a huge force, with the mission of bringing boxing back to the days when fights were seen on a regular basis.

Since the loss of boxing broadcasts on outlets like USA Network’s Tuesday Night Fights and ABC’s Wide World of Sports, boxing’s popularity has indeed taken its lumps and bumps. Different sayings of Now you see me - now you don’t and Out of sight - out of mind are perfect phrases when describing how at one time the sport was one where we were blessed to see, each week, young up and coming talent, as well as the firmly established stars. The America One, L.A. Entertainment and Ro-Ro Production union would bring all of boxing back to the televised forefront.

It’s a win-win situation for Promoters and fighters who have fell victim to not getting television dates and coverage that many have sought. “We want to bring boxing back to the masses and back to the front of sports pages,” says Roy Foreman, President of Ro-Ro Productions. This joint venture allows Promoters to televise whole shows, showcase fighters or even puts shine on fighters that fight on various undercards, but not being televised on the live broadcasts of various stations.

Foreman, who has been an integral behind the scene part of the sport of boxing for over thirty years, has served as a coach for the United States Olympic Boxing Team and has acted as manager and adviser to his brother, former Heavyweight Champion, George Foreman. He has himself promoted over 1000 boxing matches in America, Europe and Mexico and has, in some way, worked with every major promoter including Don King and Bob Arum. He has also served as Commissioner of Boxing for the People’s Republic of China. Having hosted his very own weekly live boxing talk show for years has also made Foreman attuned to just what the true boxing fan has wanted.

L.A. Entertainment, headed by David Walsh and Represented by Lloyd White, are the final piece in this joint venture’s puzzle. With backgrounds in law, movie/television production and the management/representation of key figures in the sport, like Evander Holyfield, L.A. Entertainment also is seasoned in getting results.

   With everyone jumping ship because they either don’t have a solution, or aren’t willing to go the extra mile for a sport that has given us names like Ali, Robinson, Marciano, Tyson…and the list goes on, this venture  is intended to keep that list never-ending.

There is a definite wealth of talent and experience that these three entities bring to the table; now is the time for Promoters to sit down at boxing’s table and break bread. Talk is indeed cheap, but with the union of America One, L.A Entertainment and Ro-Ro Productions, all involved are ready to bring boxing back to where it belongs.

For more information on how you can get your fighters seen, contact:
Lloyd White: (310) 213-7743
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Roy Foreman: (609) 226-7406

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