Shane Mosley to test Manny Pacquiao's Fan-base
By Rob Scott,, Doghouse Boxing (May 2, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Shane Mosley
It still amazes me the different views we all have when we go about making our fight and fighter picks. Let’s face it; some pick with a definite sense of clarity and thought, while others pick and predict in what is equivalent to a sight seen through the eyes of Wonder…Stevie Wonder.

Everyone has his or her favorite, and with boxing today it’s become near impossible to speak on the sport without the mention of the name Manny Pacquiao.  The Filipino sensation has been on talk show after talk show, magazine after magazine, and considered by almost all to be boxing’s number one fighter, pound for pound. His star power makes every fight he’s in a significant boxing event. 

We’re now up on another Pacquiao fight week and he takes on former pound for pound king, ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley. It’s a fight that has had many opinions fly. There has been a disparity in thought patterns though, as so many have questioned why Mosley, who is being thought of as having his best days in his rear view mirror, will even be in the same ring with Pacquiao.  The common consensus is it will be no-contest.

Shane Mosley has been on both sides of the consensus fence; he has been to the top of boxing’s mountain, but he has also been mistakenly underestimated. He of all people has experienced firsthand the fickleness of fan observations and opinions. It’s been the classic case of, one day they’re here, and after each loss, the next day they will surely be gone. But to him, it’s also been a thing of using naysayers and their discouragement as a definite encouragement to again prove people wrong.

Having worked with promotions for Manny Pacquiao, I have seen an eye popping amount of fans shouting “Manny-Manny.” Hearing these cheers, the question that often comes to my mind is how many of these throngs of fans have the Pac Man as a permanent fixture in their hearts and minds, and how many will act like Peter from the Bible, and disown him if  he loses to Mosley, or anyone for that matter?

Now I can’t help but think about two very good friends of mine who have been throwing fight parties, definitely Pacquiao parties, in their home well before Manny Pacquiao even became Mr. Pacquiao. Brothers, Billy and Brian Chang saw a shine in Pacquiao even well back in the days where, let’s face it, Pacquiao’s shine wasn’t too bright. I can relate and respect fans like these two brothers, because even when Pacquiao lost to Eric Morales in 2005, no excuses were made and credit was given to the winner. That same credit was given, but their allegiance remained. Now they have long proven to me, and all who come to their parties, their true belief and true loyalty to Pacquiao; but of all of those throngs of screaming fans that I mentioned earlier, how many Billy and Brian Changs do we have in that bunch? And even for that matter, how many of the 300 plus people coming to the next Chang Brothers Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley party can really call themselves true fans?

What if Pacquiao loses on the May 7th when he meets the unpredictable Shane Mosley? You know as well as I do, there will be a great deal of people who are riding the Pacquiao Express, who will be looking to get off at the next stop. They will nit-pick Pacquiao, portraying his worth to be the equivalent of counterfeit money; no pun intended. The bottom line: That in its self would be a clear case of not giving credit where it is due; because even if he loses, Manny Pacquiao has long passed that threshold of greatness. The goal of Shane Mosley will be to remind Manny Pacquiao, as well as us all, that he too has long passed that threshold, and counting him out would be a definite case of not giving him as well, the credit that he also deserves.

May the best man win on May 7th, but right now not many believe in Mosley’s chances.  Mosley has always believed in himself though; and if he can parlay his thinking into action and conjure up the Mosley of old, and not just an old Mosley, we just may hear the chants of Manny – Manny on fight night change to Mosley-Mosley; and with certain fans, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve changed their tune in a snap of a finger.

It’s definitely true that in boxing, one day you’re here and the next day you’re gone; but it’s also true that with a win, Shane can prove he’s never truly gone anywhere. 


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