The Harder They Fall: Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao - Simply put they need to fight!
By Sunset Thomas, Doghouse Boxing (May 11, 2010)  
Frankie Gambino and I planned on spending a sinful Saturday night hunkered down in my bedroom watching HBO Boxing on the tube while snacking on goodies a friend had overnighted from my favorite Italian pastry shop –Caffe Roma—on Mulberry street in Little Italy, New York. Just that afternoon I’d received Sfogliatelle, Cannolis and Napoleons and Frankie and I couldn’t wait to watch the replay of the Mayweather/Mosley fight, followed by the Paul Williams/Kermit Cintron fight—one that had all the makings of being epic. I know it’d been a while since I last wrote a piece for Dog House Boxing and we were ready to produce.

Of course I knew the results of the Mayweather fight but I hadn’t watched it, Frankie had said, ‘No way are you paying to watch Mayweather run around and Mosley tire out chasing him, kid’ when I first considered buying the pay-per-view package.

I’ve got to say listening to Larry Merchant, Emanuel Steward, Jim Lampley and my Facebook friend, Dr. Harold Lederman is always insightful and even sometimes confrontational—those guys don’t always agree with one another and that’s refreshing.

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Anyways, the 2nd round was a shocker. Sugar Shane landed a couple of great rights that seemed to stun, even hurt Mayweather, and you could hear the crowd at the MGM Grand chanting “Mosley, Mosley” even though the line was rightly lopsided in Mayweather’s favor, people just really want to see him lose.

But he didn’t lose. Frankie grumbled from the 3rd Round on, “Floyd figured him out and now Mosley is aging before our eyes,” he said and I just nodded—my mouth full of creamy cannoli. Frankie noticed, of course, “Hell kid, you even eat like a damn porn star!” He’s always busting my chops that cranky Frankie.

I was happy that Frankie talked me out of ordering the fight, although Floyd provided more action that I thought, it was still a wee-bit anti-climactic (this is where Frankie says, “You even talk like a porn star!”)

I loved how Larry Merchant put Floyd on the spot afterwards though. Mayweather’s sort of smarmy; sanctimonious ultimatum to Manny is getting tired.

We have a push here gang. Floyd can ask for blood, DNA—heck, he might as well get on the Tea Party bandwagon and ask for a birth-certificate while he’s at it. Or maybe Manny has to get over his whinny, “Mommy, I’m scared of shots” routine.

Simply put, they need to fight.

Frankie, however, agrees with the HBO boys, the Nevada Athletic Commission ought to have the final say.

So there we were ready to watch Paul Williams and Kermit Cintron slug it out. The first two rounds were ho-hum and then just when it started to heat up some—boom—Williams stumbles in a heap while Cintron flies through the ropes and viola—fight over. What a bummer.

Post Script: Frankie and I both attended the Holyfield/Botha bout at the Thomas & Mack Center last month. The fight was surprisingly good. I actually had Botha ahead on points when the fight was stopped and Holyfield was awarded a justly deserved TKO.

And of course, Frankie was very pleased to see the kid, Rocco Santomauro win his 4th straight!

Anways, sorry this article is short and sweet—a quickie as it were—but Frankie and I promise to provide more real soon!


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