The Harder They Fall: James Toney and Gambino on Pacquiao, Margarito, Mayweather and More!
By Sunset Thomas, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 3, 2010)  
I apologize for Frankie Gambino’s and my absence from Dog House Boxing, but hey, it’s a girls prerogative to be late (I don’t know Frankie’s excuse!)

Anyways, we were supposed to interview our friend James Toney but we kept playing phone tag and so this article is just going to be an op-ed by Frankie and me…

First let’s talk about the Toney/Couture MMA bout.

Now, I believe that if you paired a boxer with an mixed martial arts fighter in a boxing match the boxer would win every time—the problem is, I kind of think the same holds true in reverse. That being said, if a boxer lands a punch—that is, if James connects with Couture, I believe it’ll end on the spot. Frankie, of course, is no real fan of mixed martial arts. He can’t fathom that those guys can hit each other with those little-bitty gloves and not knock each other out instantly. “It’s because they don’t know how to throw punches,” he grumbles. “Their bodies aren’t set to toss a correct knock-out style punch because their stances are compromised by all the other techniques they employ.” And he’s probably right—I mean balance is everything in throwing a punch—any punch.

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Then Frankie goes on about Ali and Antonio Anoki the Japanese wrestler who “The Greatest” faced back in 1976 in Tokyo. “What a farce,” groused Frankie. “That Anoki guy didn’t come to fight—he came to survive!”

I’m afraid that Couture will have a similar philosophy—to some extent. Meaning, he’s not going to let himself get hit—he’ll take the fight to the ground. And then, well James, let’s put it this way; if he gets you on the ground you’d better do what I always do—roll the guy over and get on top!


Even though my hometown of Las Vegas is taking a pass on a possible Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight—I can’t say I blame them. “That bum Margarito should be banned from boxing for life—let him spend the rest of his days drinking margaritas on some baja beach!” barks Frankie Gambino. “Doesn't anyone remember when that Resto cheat almost killed the kid Billy Collins with his stuffing-less glove? What Margarito did with the plaster is not so different. He could have hurt someone and that was the goddamned intention. Frankly, I’m proud of the Nevada Boxing Commission and if that Texas fella wants to bring the fight to Dallas then let him!” Frankie’s a New York Giants fan, by-the-way…

I’ve got to say, I was ringside for the Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto fight and I was all about the scraggly bearded—Maynard G. Krebs, sandal wearing—bead bedecked Mexican fighter. But how can you not wonder if he wasn’t cheating that night either? Frankly, I agree with Frankie—it’s time to say adios to him and his enablers—prize fighting has no place for that kind of cheat.

Now, as far as Floyd Mayweather is concerned, well, I get as hot as Frankie. I believe he’s scared, Frankie says of Mayweather, “I don’t know if he’s got a chin but I can tell you he has no heart!”

And can’t say I disagree. I mean first he whined about blood and urine and spelling tests and now that Pac Man has acquiesced to all his petty posturing he still won’t fight. In my opinion Floyd's street-cred is crapola! And as Frankie is quick to point out, “Crapola isn’t an aged meat you buy in an Italian deli!”


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