The Harder They Fall: With Floyd Mayweather Sr., and a Night in Las Vegas Crown Boxing Style!
By Sunset Thomas at ringside (Oct 27, 2010) Doghouse Boxing -  
Frankie Gambino loves Las Vegas because it’s the fight capital of the world (with the hottest ring girls—we both agree on that!)

Frankie Gambino loves Bob Arum because he’s the greatest boxing promoter around and he’s based in Vegas (which sort of gives us a home-field advantage for title fights!)

But Frankie Gambino also loves Frank Luca and why? “Because pound-for-pound Luca puts together the most competitive cards I’ve seen. And Crown Boxing (Luca’s outfit) does it on almost a monthly basis!” (Frankie Gambino needs his fight fix and Frank Luca seems to provide it!)

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Frankie and I were at the most recent Crown event (they’ve moved operations from the Orleans to the Rio) and it did not disappoint. Not only was each and every fight competitive and combative but the venue offers a smokers style fight atmosphere (meaning not a bad seat in the house) with the ambiance, class and vibe of a major venue.

The event took place in the Crown Theatre (where Prince had a steady gig). It’s a circular room with a food court, booze (not outrageously priced) comfortable seats and booths—hey, it’s Vegas chic—had to be to lure the likes of Prince—and by far the coolest small boxing venue in town.

Darin Feinstein, who runs the room, is a first class fella who quickly transforms the Crown Theatre into a hoppin’ and poppin’ nightclub right after the boxing event ends. The after party (with fighters and fans included) is quite frankly, off-the-hook (Frankie still doesn’t get that one—to him a hook is a punch—I think my old timer-ghost of a goombah thinks a fishing hook is akin to a rabbit punch—he only understands boxing that guy!)

So Frankie and I take our ring-side seats and who am I sitting between? Why, none-other than heavyweight Eric Bozan and Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Of course Frankie and Floyd got along real good—two old-school analyzers sounding off like Howard Cosell—telling it like it is!

I was a little apprehensive since in my last Dog House article we put the laces to Floyd Jr. but nothing rattles Pops Mayweather—and he confided that the Pac-Man/Mayweather fight will happen next year (I hope he’s right and if his son knows what’s good for him he’ll have his dad back in his corner).

Local favorite Rocco Santamauro (I’ve been telling you about this young gunner for sometime now) was on the card and he didn’t disappoint taking a decision from rough-and-tough Sergio Herrera.

“That kid gets better with each fight,” Frankie crowed. “He ain’t afraid to get hit. Pops Anderson (Rocco’s trainer) and Bobby Chiodini (his conditioning coach) are doing the right thing by this kid” Frankie boasted. “He keeps stepping up in class and he keeps improving his game.”

Super Welterweight Chase Corbin make quick measure of his opponent Titus Holmes—knocking him out in the first round!

Heavyweights Chad Davis and Alvaro Moralas pounded it out and went the distance with Moralas pulling off an upset win.

Crown Boxing is big on the distaff dukers too. Two femme fighters—Mandy LaPointe (a local and crowd favorite) took on Hondi Hernandez and they battled!

Frankie and Floyd Sr. kept commenting on Hondi’s stiff and steady jab and they both had her winning. Not me though, I thought Mandy threw the harder punches and she definitely took the final round and, well let’s just say, Floyd and Frankie should have been digging into their pockets for me!

The Main Event—a cruiserweight battle— lived up to the hype as local thumper Henry Namauu took on Jason Douglas from Canada. These two went toe-to-toe the entire fight.

Around the 4th Round Douglas seemed to be tiring and Henry kept on pounding but he couldn’t put the Canadian away. His corner had him re-direct his thunderous shots to Douglas’ body but still the guy wouldn’t go away and not only that he seemed to re-energize a bit in each round and gave Henry a fair dose of his own medicine.

Floyd and Frankie couldn’t get over the heart of Douglas but were also very impressed with the non-stop mechanics of Namauu, who wound of with a split decision and a learning experience. Namauu is a gas to watch and Vegas could use a local pugilistic attraction. Henry just might be that guy!


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