The Harder They Fall: Manny Pacquiao - Adobo and Apple Pie
By Sunset Thomas (Nov 16, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing)
Manny Pacquiao is the people’s pugilist—David to Goliath—Adobo and Apple Pie all rolled into one!

Everyone loves an underdog and though Pac Man was a heavy favorite to beat Antonio Margarito the size difference between the two men was, well, sizable to say the least!

“It ain’t Primo Carnera versus George Cook” Frankie Gambino said, “Not quite Stanley Ketchel against Jack Johnson either,” he continued. “The size of the heart is all that’s gonna matter in this battle and I’ll guarantee you that Manny’s gonna make minced-meat of the Mexican.”

I must admit I was nervous for Mighty Manny—I wondered how much punishment he would have to absorb to get in close enough to land blows—within a minute of the First Round, however, all my fears were quashed!

Frankie Gambino was simply his typical I told-you-so self.

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“The kid’s too quick. And who really knows how much power there is in Margarito’s mitts anyways—how long was he a cheat? Just because you get caught once doesn’t mean you didn’t get away with it ten times—capisce!”

And that brings me to my personal beef. Despite Margarito’s gutty display, I still believe this fight should not have happened. Margarito should have been banned for life for his stuffed handwrap shenanigans when he fought Sugar Shane Mosley.

Ironically, Margarito’s retirement will be retroactive (thanks to his gutless corner). When the fight ended and his trainer Robert Garcia said he never considered stopping the fight because Margarito wouldn’t have it, Frankie groused, “Ask Eddie Futch about making the tough calls!” Frankie, of course, was referring to the bold decision by Futch to stop Joe Frazier from coming out in the 15th and final round of the Thrilla in Manila (there’s a little Filipino cosmic connection for you).

Oh sure, Margarito will fight again, that’s the nature of the business—but he’ll be a shell of himself. The beating he took needn’t have gone on and shouldn’t have. Even the classy Pacquiao seemed in disbelief that the Texas referee allowed the fight to continue.

And that’s my next beef. Texas took a fight Nevada simply wouldn’t sanction and their minor league boxing commission seemed as dazed before the fight as Margarito was during it…

And then there was Nelly. What the hell was he doing performing after the National Anthem was sung? Like Frankie says, “Hey, after the Star Spangled Banner it’s time to play ball!” I agree. Nelly is cool but why was he there?
I realize it’s un-American to have monopolies but major bouts ought to remain the provenance of Nevada—and Las Vegas specifically!

The scratch-your-head moment of the evening came when HBO analyst Max Kellerman commented that perhaps Floyd Mayweather will now seek to fight Manny because the fight exhibited some regression on the part of Pac Man. The silence from Jim Lampley and Emanuel Steward sort of said it all but nothing could keep Frankie quiet.

“What the Hell is Kellerman blathering on about? Pacquiao just displayed one of the greatest acts of ringmanship ever! He is more frightening a fighter today than he ever was!”

In any event, this was a fight for the ages. And Pac Man—Congressman and King of the Ring—has nothing more to prove. If Mayweather comes a calling, he best do it on hands and knees—perhaps the Crown Prince of Pugilism will give him a shot!


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