Reid speaks on Lacy Fight... "No contracts have not been signed yet"
Interview by Spud Woollatt (April 15, 2005) 
Robin Reid
Yesterday press releases were sent out to the Media. First one said talks for Robin Reid vs Jeff Lacy had fallen through. Lacy was looking for a new Opponent. Then late that same day another Press Release was issued, this one claimed Reid vs Lacy was now on. We at DoghouseBoxing decided it was time to ask Robin Reid and clear the air. Is the fight on, or is it off?

Spud ... Morning Robin, can you confirm the proposed fight with Jeff Lacy is going ahead? Have contracts been signed?

Reid ...
No contracts have not been signed yet, but, the fight is 99.9% done, all that needs to happen is when I meet Jess (Reid's Promoter) early next week we will dot the "i's" and cross the "t's". I just want everything right and I am sure it will be.

Spud ... What do you know about Jeff Lacy?

Reid ...
I know he is a very strong and a good fighter. This fight is just the sort of fight I have been craving for, for sometime. Lacy will get me motivated big time!! I am already getting ready for the fight now.

Spud ... Dare I ask what next after Lacy?

Reid ...
Obviously I am going to focus completely on Jeff Lacy, but, I do not intend to stay in boxing forever, so when I have dealt with Jeff Lacy, I see no reason why a fight with Joe Calzaghe cannot be made. Calzaghe is a fighter I know I will beat the 2nd time around.

Spud ... Robin, good luck hope all goes well.

Reid ...
Thanks Spud.

DoghouseBoxing would like to thank Robin Reid for his time>

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