Johnny Nelson … “Mormeck would be the easiest fight of my career”
Interview by Spud Woollatt (April 21, 2005) 
Johnny Nelson
British Doghouse recently caught up with current WBO cruiserweight champion of the world, Sheffield’s Johnny Nelson. In typical Nelson fashion he had a lot to say, including he considered if he were ever to fight WBA & WBC cruiserweight champion Jean Marc Mormeck, he stated “That fight would be the easiest fight of my career”.

Nelson has never had it easy, he has always had to work hard to get fights, as many fighters have not fancied the idea of meeting him. Indeed Nelson unlike some has always been happy to travel to many of his challengers own countries. To magnify this point Nelson has fought in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, USA, Brazil, Thailand, Australia and South Africa. As well as fighting throughout the world, Nelson has fought for major titles as well as fighting for the more traditional titles like the British and European.

Nelson, who is now 38 years old with a record of 44-12-2, commenced his professional career in March 1986, which readers will quickly gather was a full 19 years ago, yet still Nelson’s hunger to achieve even more in the sport is still there, however he freely admits it is only the big fights which will now whet his appetite.

This is what Nelson had to say:

Spud: Good morning Johnny, many readers and boxing fans alike are wondering when you are going to fight again. Will your next defence be against the Italian Vincenzo Cantatore?

I am like everyone else I am extremely keen to fight again, the desire and the hunger are still very much there. Just to update you, I have received notification the WBO see no problem me facing another opponent before my mandatory against Vincenzo Cantatore to fill in a gap and keep me active.

There has been a lot of talk on whether I would fight Enzo Maccarinelli, of course I would, but I am not willing to wait until July to do that. I am more than happy to fight Enzo in May or even on the undercard of Hatton/Tzsyu but waiting any longer than that will mean I am not taking up the opportunity the WBO have given me before having to face Cantatore. So yes I would like to fight Enzo Maccarinelli, there is no reason why this fight cannot be made as we have the same promoter.

Spud: Are there any other fights you would consider?

You must understand I am 38 years old and I only want to be in big fights, they are the fights which whet the appetite and ensure you train to a peak. Only in the last few days in Germany a press conference took place concerning Darius Michalczewski. He and his team have not only stated a desire about Darius fighting on but they have also indicated Darius is happy to step up to cruiserweight and is also happy to fight me, and I am only too happy to oblige.

Spud: If the BIG fight were not too happen at cruiserweight, would you consider stepping back up as you have done in the past to heavyweight, to perhaps fight either Matt Skelton or Audley Harrison?

I do not think I would be effective enough as a world class heavyweight. With regards to Matt Skelton or Audley Harrison, I do not want to disrespect them but those two fights would be a step back for me at this stage in my career.

I think Matt Skelton has done tremendously well, there are many things I like about him and I hope he goes on to do very well. With regards to Audley Harrison, you have to give him some credit I suppose as he has gained a lot more money in his carefully chosen 15 fights that many fighters can in in their entire careers, however it seems Audley is happy to sink into the Las Vegas background!

Spud: What about unifying the cruiserweight titles?

I wondered when you would ask that. I cannot believe Wayne Braithwaite lost against Jean Marc Mormeck! If I was to fight Mormeck I really would consider it to be one of the easiest fights of my career. Don’t get me wrong he is a rough tough horse, but, he severely lacks the technical aspects to be able to remotely trouble me. Mormeck has done well but as I say he is not technically astute enough to make me break into a sweat!

Spud: Thank you Johnny and good luck!

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