Michael Brodie … I have to beat Scott Harrison!
Interview by Spud Woollatt (April 27, 2005) 
Michael Brodie
June is going to be a fantastic month for British boxing. The city of Manchester will see two action-packed and thrilling fights which cannot fail to excite boxing and sports fans alike.

We all know about and have started to discuss the outcome of the light welterweight clash between champion Kostya Tszyu and Ricky Hatton. However it seems there maybe an even more intriguing clash to be fought the night before at the same MEN Arena. The fight is between Scotland’s Scott Harrison and England’s Michael Brodie, the title on the line being Harrison’s WBO featherweight title.

For those who don’t know this will be Michael Brodie’s fourth attempt at capturing a world title. The exciting all action Manchester fighter’s first attempt came when he fought for the vacant WBC super bantamweight title against Willie Jorrin in September 2000, a fight which many fans thought ended with an extremely controversial decision by the judges who gave the fight to Jorrin by way of a majority decision.

The controversy was not to end there because in 2003 we saw the first of the fights between Brodie and South Korean In Jin Chi. The fight was scored in favour of Chi inside the ring, only to then be scored a draw in the Korean’s dressing room amongst chaotic scenes. The second fight was a lot clearer cut. Chi battered Brodie to lift the WBC featherweight title in the 7th round.

British Doghouse caught up with Michael Brodie to ask some searching questions.

SW: Michael, congratulations on securing a fight against Scott Harrison. What is your reaction to this news?

Naturally I am delighted. I know this will be my very final chance to win a world title and ultimately achieve my life’s ambition! I know a lot of people are excited about the fight, and I also know I will have to be at my best to beat Harrison because he is tough.

SW: Michael, I don’t mean to be rude, but what is going to be different this time around which will lead to people thinking you could really beat Scott Harrison to life that coveted world title?

People don’t see what goes behind the scenes. I had so much going wrong in my personal life concerning the break up of my marriage which put my life in turmoil.

SW: Are you saying you did not train correctly for the Chi fights?

Yes of course I did. For all of my fights I was in the right condition physically but I was not mentally right for those Chi fights. In the Jorrin fight I was robbed, nothing more I can say there.

SW: Going back to my previous question, what is so different now?

I have got my life back in order and you and many other boxing fans will not believe how buzzing I am. I am hungry to do myself justice and repay the faith those close to me have shown. I have a long term girlfriend who has really settled me down and we have another child on the way. This fight I am going to be fighting for my daughter Bonnie and my new child.

SW: What do you know about Scott Harrison?

Scott Harrison simply hasn't had to go through what I have. In addition he has not fought in the same class as me, now for this fight I am going to be ready as normal physically but also I am going to be 100% right mentally. By my reckoning Scott Harrison is in trouble. He is a tough fighter but too one dimensional.

Are you telling me that Harrison will be able to cope with me if I fight like I did in the first Chi fight or when I fought Cabrera?

Scott Harrison is a good fighter who does his job well, but as I have said he is too one dimensional to be able to cope with my boxing skills. I am confident about my abilities and skills and I also know Scott will not be able to cope with my big heart when the going gets tough!

SW: Are you glad the fight is going to be fought in Manchester?

I do not want to disrespect my fans because they are fantastic, they are the ones who buy the tickets, but when that bell rings it is just me and Scott Harrison, so it makes no difference to me whether it is in Scotland or Manchester when the action begins.

SW: On a lighter note can you tell us who you think will win the Ricky Hatton/Kostya Tszyu fight?

I am good friends with Ricky, so I am going to say Ricky. He knows as well as we all do that those early rounds are very important. If Ricky gets past the first four rounds I think he will break Kostya Tszyu’s heart.

SW: What about Danny Williams and Matt Skelton?

Matt Skelton has done fantastic to come as far as he has, but I am also friends with Danny. We boxed on the same team as amateurs. I am not just saying this because we are friends, all I can see in that fight is Danny Williams winning the fight very early.

SW: All the very best Mike, thank you for talking to us.

You will be speaking to a world champion the next time you interview me!

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