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Brian Hughes talks to Doghouse Boxing
By Spud Woollatt (June 30, 2004) 
Doghouse Boxing was lucky enough to catch up with Brian Hughes, trainer of the new IBO super middleweight champion Robin Reid. For those readers who missed Ben Carey's recent article, Robin Reid beat Brian Magee on Saturday evening by way of unanimous points decision to take the title back to Manchester in the UK. Many people thought that Saturday evening was Robin Reid's last chance to compete at the very highest level and once the result had been announced, Hughes was understandably delighted and uncharacteristically showed his emotions.

Brian Hughes is perhaps one of the most well known trainers in Britain. He trains his stable of boxers at the Collyhurst Gym in the heart of Manchester. Brian has now produced a multitude of British and world champions since 1962 when he first applied to the British Boxing Board of Control his trainers licence. Read on to find out what one of Britain's best trainers had to say.

Spud Woollatt: Brian, first of all congratulations to you and mainly Robin for the result on Saturday evening. I noted even you showed a lot more emotion than you normally do?

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Brian Hughes: Thanks Spud. Yes, I was absolutely over the moon for Robbie, I think he has had so many barriers put in front of him during his career. Winning that title on Saturday was such a fantastic feat for him, I was extremely proud of the lad.

You and your readers have to remember Robbie was going into a very hostile place. If you are the home fighter, The Kings Hall must be fantastic and give you a big lift. If you are the away fighter trying to take a title away then believe me that place was very hostile, but Robbie took it all in his stride.

SW: Brian, what did you make of the fight, and did you think you won clearly?

BH: Firstly I am the very first person to admit for the fans it must have been a horrible fight, but sometimes two fighters with such contrasting styles, fights go like that, they are not nice to watch but you have still got to win them, Spud.

Yes, I did think the fight was won clearly. Robbie was told to step it up a bit in the later rounds as he went to sleep ever so slightly but he knocked Magee down four times and always had the fight within his control.

One of the biggest plans we had for the fight was Robbie jabbing to the chest and the big overhand right and a couple of times it worked. But it was a messy fight where a lot of the plans went out of the window.

The cut happening so early in the fight, did not help things and people being critical of Robin should watch the fight again. I am not going to be controversial because everyone has a right to their opinions. The only other thing I will say is Robin is not happy with Sky TV and their comments after the fight, they have not given him any credit whatsoever, but he told me he is not surprised as he feels some people will never give him any credit!

SW: What is next for Robin?

BH: Robin needs to have a rest now and let that cut heal properly as it is quite deep. He will go away and we will sit down with Jess Harding to see what is next for him.  He might fight again in October or November but that is up to the promoters. I hope after a defence Robin gets a big fight.

SW: Could he fight Joe Calzaghe again?

BH: Spud, I will leave that up to you and your readers to decide. Robin will fight anyone, he deserves some big fights now.

SW: Brian thanks for talking to us, and could you remind everyone we have moved to

BH: Spud, no problems, I am not into computers but I will definitely tell the lads where you are.
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