Eugene Maloney: “Williams could end up being an easy fight for Skelton”
Interview by Spud Woollatt (July 2, 2005) 
Eugene Maloney with Matt Skelton
On 16th July, Danny Williams will yet again fight for the British Title against the current holder of the belt Matt Skelton.  The stakes are massive as the winner has been touted to fight John Ruiz towards the end of the year for the WBA heavyweight title.
In the last few weeks since the fight was announced there has been a number statements made by the respective camps and how their charges will deal with the situation. Suffice to say the closer the fight becomes the more heated the debate and war of words becomes.
In the latest spat Danny Williams has gone on record to state that Matt Skelton "has no chin."  Williams made these remarks after watching on video Skelton getting knocked out in a previous K1 contest.  Williams has also stated "How is Skelton going to react to one of my uppercuts when I am up close and landing them?"
So to get both sides I phoned The Maloney Fight Factory to gauge their response concerning the above mentioned article... I managed to have a chat with Matt Skelton's manager Eugene Maloney, who has rapidly gained a reputation of being one of the most ‘colourful’ characters in British Boxing. This is what he had to say: 
SW: Eugene, good afternoon. Could you respond to the comments that Danny Williams has made concerning Matt Skelton's knock out in a previous K1 contest?
EM: I suggest Jimmy McDonnell studies the Danny Williams tape of him fighting Sinan Samil Sam.  My response to your question is we have tapes here of Danny Williams getting knocked out in a boxing ring, have they got any tapes of Matt Skelton getting knocked out in a boxing ring?
SW: Why are you so confident about this fight?
Eugene Maloney
We are not taking things lightly, but, I really think this could end up being quite an easy fight for Matt Skelton.  What can Jimmy McDonnell do for Danny Williams? Let’s face it, you cannot have a game plan to fight Matt Skelton, if Danny tries to outbox him, how do you run from a boxer who will constantly be 2 inches away from you? And as for standing there trading with Matt, that will just make it an easier fight for my man.
Matt Skelton has a rock solid chin, I have had sparring partners from Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe and they have smacked Matt Skelton flush on the chin and not budged him.  You only have to look at Matt’s previous fights against Sprott and Mirovic who also managed to hit Matt flush but yet they didn't budge him either. When Matt gets hit on the chin he growls!

You look at the common opponents, look at Michael Sprott and how Danny and Matt dealt with him respectively. I would argue all day long that Matt was a lot more impressive. Then you have Keith Long. Danny Williams hit him with everything and could not budge him, yet Matt knocked him out!
You look at how Audley Harrison dealt with Ratko Draskovic and then see how Matt Skelton disposed of him inside 3 rounds.
SW: Do you still believe Matt Skelton can be a world champion with a recognised world belt?
Eugene Maloney
EM: I wouldn't have said it if I didn't think so, would I?  Listen, the winner of Williams/Skelton – and let’s face it, it will be Matt Skelton – has been promised a tilt at fighting John Ruiz towards the end of the year. I think Matt Skelton has a massive chance against Ruiz.
SW: Do you have anything else to say concerning Matt fighting Danny Williams?
Yes... I actually respect Danny Williams and Jimmy McDonnell but this is business, this is boxing and as such I have got to say what I believe.  Danny Williams seems to do most of his good work behind closed doors, unfortunately for him this fight is going to take place in front of thousands of fans in Bolton.  You only have to look at Danny's last fight with Zoltan Petranyi, he looked ‘gun shy’ and also frightened of getting hit.  For Danny to beat Matt Skelton he is going to have to improve a million percent.
SW: Eugene... Thank you for talking to Doghouse Boxing!
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