Jamie Moore: “I Am Ready For Michael Jones”
Interview by Spud Woollatt (July 5, 2005) 
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In yet another grudge fight, British light middleweights, Jamie Moore and Michael Jones will meet again for the third time on 8th July. It is a fight which has many British fight fans drooling in anticipation.

Many readers will know that in April 2003 Moore was drafted in as a late replacement to fight Michael Jones for the British & Commonwealth Light Middleweight Titles. Against all expectations Moore captured the titles in a thoroughly entertaining contest.

In the second meeting in November 2004, there was nothing but controversy surrounding the bout as it ended in a disqualification against Moore for a low blow in the 3rd Round. Many people disputed the decision, viewing it especially harsh because Moore was just starting to take a strong grip on the fight.

The fighters and fight fans alike have now got their wish as next week the two fighters will face each other again. Perhaps the significant advantage is the fight will take place in Moore’s hometown of Altrincham near Manchester.

British Doghouse caught up with one of its very own Jamie Moore, this is what he had to say.

Spud Woollatt: Hello Jamie, the natural opening question has to be, how are you feeling and how is training going for the Jones fight?

Jamie Moore:
Training has gone brilliantly, I am not just saying that as it is the obvious thing to say. For the first time in a long time I feel very strong indeed. My weight is spot on, things could not have gone better.

SW: Do you consider the fight as a ‘grudge’ match?

I suppose it is essentially. But, I feel like I am in the same position as the first fight, as I am the challenger which means to a point I have my ‘back to the wall’ as it is a ‘must win’ fight. Those conditions suit me a lot better as it brings the best out of me.

SW: One of the accusations which comes your way is that you have difficulty making the weight, can you clarify this please?

I have not had problems as such in that it is not difficult, it is just on previous occasions I have made things worse for myself by not doing things properly. I have heard Michael Jones has been making comments that it is killing me to make the weight. I do not know where he has got that from, because as we speak I am right on the button and cannot wait to get into the ring to prove Jones and his people wrong on a number of matters.

SW: Your career has been blighted by injuries, are you over this troublesome period now?

To be honest, last year all the injuries were a main concern for me too. But, ‘touch wood’ I am over all that now. I am full of confidence, I feel very strong.

SW: Has getting married to Colleen and the birth of your son Mikey changed you in anyway?

I have never been a ‘wild’ person anyhow, however, getting married to Colleen and becoming a dad to my lad Mikey has made me look at life from a different perspective, as now I have to bring the money in, it is not just about me anymore. Going into fights knowing I now have a wife and son to look after is one hell of an incentive!

SW: Does Colleen get nervous when watching you fight?

Yeah of course. Despite here nerves she is always there backing me.

SW: Presuming you win the Jones fight, what has your manager Steve Woods got planned for you? Has he indicated what direction you will move towards in regards to future honours?

Steve is extremely professional in his approach, he always puts great emphasis on the present fight rather than taking the future for granted. He has told me I have to win this fight before any discussions take place about the future. Naturally though I do think about the future, so if everything does go right I want to go the traditional route.

SW: Does Ricky Hatton’s beating of Kostya Tzsyu inspire you?

Definitely. Myself and Ricky have been good mates since we were 14 years old. When you see someone win a world title by beating one of the very best pound-for-pound fighters in the world you cannot help but be impressed and inspired. Not only that, if you know that person you just have to think you can match those achievements.

I was thrilled to bits for Ricky. I cannot think of a better person who deserves the success more. Ricky Hatton has worked tremendously hard in his training it is an example for any younger boxer who is just starting in the professional ranks.

SW: Training, do you enjoy it? Would you as a fighter call yourself a good or bad trainer?

To be honest I am too good. My trainer Oliver Harrison is always trying to get me to slow down. The tests I do at Salford University have been fantastic. They monitor my fitness, strength, my body fat and other important things like my diet as well. My diet is going especially well, the tests ensure I make the weight comfortably. The other thing is the tests also ensure I do not over train.

SW: Without going into too much detail, how do you see the fight with Michael Jones going?

Michael Jones will know it will be a big mistake for him to stand and trade punches, I think he will box and move. Regardless of whatever he does I am expecting a really hard fight, I have prepared for 12 hard gruelling rounds, and if he hasn’t done the same he will be in an awful lot of trouble!

SW: Your trainer, Oliver Harrison, can you tell me a little bit of your thoughts on him?

I was one of the first boxers to train with Oliver. When I lost to Scott Dixon, from the very first day I worked with him I just knew I had made the right choice. Olli’s calm and relaxed manner is an example to anyone, he doesn’t scream and shout, he just tells you what you need to know. We are a great team, if Oliver is not the best he is certainly one of the best trainers in the country.

SW: Jamie, thank you for talking to Doghouse Boxing.
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