The Manny Pacquiao Spectacle
By Vikram Birring at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (March 16, 2010) Photo © German Villasenor  
Even for a Manny Pacquiao, whose day to day life is a walking circus of chaos, “The Event” was truly a spectacle for the eyes to behold.

Fifty thousand, nine hundred forty-four fans, an eleven thousand, five hundred twenty square foot screen, and three gorgeous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders singing the national anthem set the stage for the most outlandish prizefight of all time.

Too bad the fight didn’t live up to the gift wrap.

Give Pacquiao credit, for he tried. But other than a stiff right jab that landed early in the first round, he could not land a clean blow to the head all night, for Clottey’s magnificent shell defense did not allow for it. Thus, the Pac Man landed what he could, a barrage of body punches.

Clottey is the true definition of an enigma. When he chose to throw punches, he snapped Pacquiao’s head back viciously. Left hooks, jabs, right crosses, and uppercuts landed whenever he chose to release them, but those moments were frustratingly few.

Why? Perhaps it was Pacquiao’s constant torrent of punches, even blocked ones, which kept him on the defensive.

Or perhaps it is simply that Joshua Clottey is what he is. He punches when he knows he is not going to get hit back, prolonging his career and health, but maddening his fans. This is the second fight in a row in which he was winning at moments when he chose to, but lost due to his inactivity for long periods. If anything, Clottey made a life changing paycheck, and made himself a popular candidate as an opponent for any welterweight who wants a good test.

Pacquiao won decisively on the scorecards, and called out the artist previously known as the Pretty Boy. If Floyd “Money” Mayweather disposes of Mosley as expected, the biggest fight since Roberto Duran against Sugar Ray Leonard thirty years ago could be made. Let us all cross our fingers.

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