Interview with Eugene “Mean Gene” Hill
Interview by Vikram Birring, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 22, 2009)  
Eugene “Mean Gene” Hill is an up and coming heavyweight prospect hailing from Dickinson, Texas. Known for his bone crushing power, he knocked out fourteen of his first sixteen opponents, capturing the Texas Heavyweight title along the way. Then he ran into slick boxer Zach Page who stunned him April 24 with a classic stick and move performance. Hill demanded an immediate rematch, and got it on August 6. It was a similar performance, with Page jabbing and occasionally following up with the right hand, while Page stalked him looking for the knockout punch, landing the harder punches when he had the chance. Many of the rounds were close, and in the end Hill got the nod from the judges.

DoghouseBoxing’s Vikram Birring had a chance to catch up with Hill only two days after the bout, and spoke about the bout in addition to a number of other boxing related topics.

Vikram Birring: Hey what’s up this is Vikram from, I’m with Eugene Hill, who just reclaimed his Texas Heavyweight Title against Zack Page from Ohio. He lost the first fight and the second fight he won it back but it was not an easy fight because the guy was running a lot and he was jabbing. What do you think, how do you feel two days after the match.

Eugene Hill:
Man I feel good man, it was a tough fight. I think that was probably going to be my hardest opponent throughout my career. It was my hardest opponent this far, so I think that’s going to be my hardest opponent because of his style. He’s real hard to look good against. Hopefully I don’t run into anybody like that again. Most heavyweights sit there and bang it out. There might be a little movement, maybe a lot of power, but not like that man. That guy was real difficult to fight. I can’t wait to get back into the ring.

VB: Actually he was close to cruiser because he was 208, he didn’t really stand and trade, that was a good strategy, but looking at you right now, you’re not really scarred up, cut, anything like that. He didn’t really hit you. Any news about your next fight?

They working on something, my manager is working on something to get me on a show, I don’t know yet.

VB: You’re on the Bravo “Extreme Weight Loss” this fall. You’re working with Shaun Kelley the nutritionist. He’s trying to take off twenty, thirty more pounds. Tell us about that.

I’m glad Lou hooked me up with Shaun Kelley, that was a blessing. He saw me and saw something in me that he wanted to help me and work me out and get me right, but I still have a little ways to go. I went from 263 to 255, so I still have a little ways to go. I’m trying to get down to 230. I can’t wait, I’m excited, I’m glad, I got a sharp family, and Pete Long, one of his guys that works up there with him. I’m glad I got those guys, working with them.

VB: What’s the premium weight you’re trying to get to? The only knock in your career, you punch hard, you fight hard, you knock everybody out, but the only thing is the weight, it makes a foot speed a little slow. If you lose the weight, you’ll be quick on your feet.

Hopefully I’ll be at 230 my next fight. I’m fixing to get back in the gym Monday; I’m fixing to get back to Shaun Kelley Monday. I’m just taking this weekend off and I’ll be back in the gym Monday. I’m just spending time with my kids this weekend, my twin girls and my son. I’ll be ready to go Monday and ready to get back in this ring. I can’t wait man I need another knockout. I’m finding for another knockout. Whoever fights next is going to get knocked out. I’m not trying to be cocky or anything because that’s not me, but I just want to land a big right hand on somebody, or a left hook.

VB: Is there any reward for losing the most weight? Tell us more about the show.

Really, Shaun just picked me up on the show to help me out. It was a blessing that he even let me be on the show. I really don’t know what’s going on, he’s just helping me out for my career. That’s really what I’m on the show for, to get help.

VB: With the Texas Heavyweight Title, are they going to move you up in the regional title rankings? What are you trying to fight next? A boxer, a brawler?

Whatever Bob has in line for me, I’m ready for it. Hopefully he doesn’t pick anybody like Zack Page again, but if he does, I’ll be ready, to fight, fight until the end. Hopefully I’ll get a shot at the NABA title, knock out whoever holds that belt. I’m ready for whatever.

VB: You got anything else to say about the boxing game? Who are your favorite boxers to watch right now? Do you have any thoughts about Mayweather and Pacquiao?

I like Mayweather, he hasn’t been in the ring in 2 years, he’s one of my favorite fighters. He’s real smart, he adjusts to anybody’s style, no matter who you are, he’s a real exciting fighter and I’d really like to see him and Pacquiao get it on. Mayweather’s at the top of the food chain, he’s the man.

VB: What do you think about the heavyweight division. It’s pretty bad other than the Klitschko brothers. Chris Arreola is getting a shot and he went life and death with Travis Walker, who you spar with. If you look at it that way, you’re not too far from getting up there.

They’re a step ahead of me, we’re all doing the same thing, we all have punching power, fast hands. I just have to be patient, wait for my chance to get up there with them. When I get up there I will make some noise. I can’t wait to get to the elite level with Arreola and the Klitschkos. Right now the heavyweight division, there are some big heavyweights out there that are pretty good. I just can’t wait to get into the ring and punch them.

VB: What about your support in Dickinson? I know you have a billboard on the freeway, Buzbee Law Firm. Right now we’re at the Fish Place your sponsor, and you have a bunch of people in Dickinson behind you. Is that a distraction? Everyone is Dickinson knows who you are.

Really, I’m always out in the neighborhood, I’m just an average person in the neighborhood, everybody shows me love, everybody comes out and supports me. That’s where I get most of my ticket sales, in my neighborhood. I’m just an average guy, I can go anywhere, sit in someone’s yard, go visit people, eat at someone’s house. I get a lot of love in Dickinson, Texas, Galveston County really. It’s a lot of love and I love to see everybody’s face from my neighborhood when I fight. They support me, they got my back win, lose, or draw.

VB: What do you think about the other local Houston guys? I know you guys have a little coalition with you and Nagy, Chris Henry, Willie Dynamite.

We all work together, work out at the same gym. Those are the same guys to work with, nice group of guys. Good sparring. We’re all trying to make it, we’re all pulling for each other.

VB: Talk about your trainer Bobby Benton, he’s a real young guy, but he pretty much trains all the guys at the Main Gym. Outside of Houston he’s not really well known, but in the Houston club fights he trains all the guys from the Main Gym. You’re taking a chance with a young trainer, he doesn’t have a name. Is it like a loyalty thing?

Bobby’s been around the game for a long time. My coach is Aaron Navarro, but I work with Bobby too, he’s a good guy and I trust him in my corner. Whatever he says, he’s 99.9% right, I really do trust him. He’s young but he’s a veteran, he’s been around a long time. That’s my friend and he’s a good coach too.

VB: To close out, anything you learned from this fight to take in the future? Any words for your future opponents.

Keep my cool and stay within myself. I got frustrated a couple of times. I just had to calm down and focus on this guy, he’s a real awkward fight. If I face someone like that in the future, I’ll be ready for them. Nine times out of ten, most guys don’t move around like that, but if they are, I’ll be ready for them. I can’t wait to make some noise in the heavyweight division.

VB: That’s Eugene “Mean Gene” Hill, thanks everybody for reading.

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