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Sergio Martinez: "Floyd Mayweather is never going to fight Manny Pacquiao, and he is never going to fight me!" Pt.II
By Jenna Jay, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 7, 2013)

Sergio Martinez interviewed On The Ropes #184 with Jenna Jay, Doghouse Boxing.
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The "Super Fight". It's been said before many events, but few fights ever live up to the hype and sometimes the bouts themselves never come to fruition. The match-up that people have wanted to see for years, was Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, but due to the demands and requests made outside the ring, we never saw them meet in the ring. Talks of a potential Mayweather fight were abruptly ended when Manny Pacquaio suffered a shocking KO defeat at the hands of long time rival Juan Manuel Marquez. Now the question fans have is, will we get to see the next Super fight?

In part two of my "On The Ropes" interview with Sergio Martinez (*click here for part one), I discuss the possibility of him facing Floyd Mayweather Jr, the dream fight for many boxing fans. Martinez also talks about his age, how long he believes he will be able to remain an elite fighter and what the fans can expect when we returns to the ring April 27th against Matthew Murray and more!

Here is what Sergio had to say...

Jenna Jay: Sergio because of Pacquiao losing to Marquez, the dream fight people have long talked about (Mayweather vs. Pacquiao) is now done with. The dream fight for most people now is a fight between you and Floyd Mayweather. Can you ever see a scenario in which you and Floyd meet in the ring?

Sergio Martinez:
Well the truth is, I think Mayweather is never going to fight Manny and he's never going to fight me! Quite simply, Mayweather is very intelligent and doesn't want to run risks. For that reason he wont fight me.

Jenna: Alright, well Sergio, I'm also on the line with Armando Romo who has a few questions for you.

Armando Romo: Sergio, with Kelly Pavlik and Antonio Margarito retiring, those are fights we will not see you have rematches in, are there any other fighters you would like to face before they end up retiring?

Well the truth is, I'm at a moment now that I don't want to call anyone out. What I'm about to say is sad but it seems like no one wants to fight with anyone, everyone is looking out for their best interests, and those interests are to not fight with the best. I don't share that view. For that reason I'm not going to look for anyone, if someone wants to fight me they can call me and we can fight, no problem.

Armando: Sergio, when you are no longer fighting, who will carry the torch for Argentine boxing?

I think in Argentina there are great boxers like Matthyse, Maidana, Reveco, theres a man by last name Reveco who is a great boxer, and also Narvaez, who lost to Nonito Donaire. I think amongst all of them they can make good history in Argentinean boxing. Aside from them we have nine female champions who are doing the best for our sport and Argentinean boxing.

Armando: Sergio a lot of fighters don't have a plan B when they retire, and I'm wondering when that day comes for you, what you will do when you find yourself out of the ring?

Well for example, I just published a book in Argentina, it's number one in sales. I'm still writing so I can publish another book, in a year and a half or two years from now. I think one of the things I'm going to do is to be a writer, at least so my mind keeps working and so boxing doesn't leave a void.

Jenna Jay: Sergio you are 37 and are turning 38 in February. Have you seen any signs of decline in yourself, or do you think you will still be at your best as you enter your late 30's?

Great question. Well I'm gonna be an old man but I think I maintain myself well despite being an old man. I take care of myself, I take care of myself in every aspect of my life, and for sure next time I'm in the ring, at least April 27, I will be better than what I was against Chavez.

Jenna: Sergio you are known by your nickname Maravilla, but to some of your fans out there know by another nickname, that being 'Sexy Sergio' What do you think of that nickname some of your fans have put upon you?

(Laughs) I hope it's the girls who say that, that would make me very happy.

Jenna: (Laughs) Alright, well back to your fight with Martin Murray. Can you tell me what we can expect to see when you return to the ring April 27th?

Well absolutely. You will see the best version of me, the best display I can have in the ring, because I will have more motivation than ever in my career. I think you will see one of the best fights of all my career. I am very motivated for this match.

Jenna: Ok, well Sergio you mentioned before that you don't believe that Floyd Mayweather will ever want to meet you in the ring, and I'm wondering if you could say anything to Mayweather that might motivate him into fighting you, what would you say?

No, Mayweather is not going to fight with me, because he is a smart business man, and its not a good business move to fight me, at least not in this stage of my career. Sincerely I removed him from my head, I took Mayweather out of my objectives, he's not an objective for me.

Jenna: Final question Sergio. You have a lot of fans, and lot of people that are going to come out and see you fight in Argentina. Is there anything you want to say to all of them?

Well firstly, thanks for all the support you gave me this last year, 2012. And in April 2013 I promise to give my best in order to put out the best show... thank you guys for this call, I send you a big hug and kiss and wish you the best this year.

*** Click here for Part One of Jenna's interview with Martinez.

***Special thanks goes out to my friend Ruben for helping bring this interview to the readers of doghouseboxing.

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