Brandon Rios: "I just got so much anger in me that I need to release. I don't care who it is, as long as I get to fight again!" - "On The Ropes" Boxing Radio #188 - w/ Jenna Jay - Doghouse Boxing
Brandon Rios: "I just got so much anger in me that I need to release. I don't care who it is, as long as I get to fight again!"
By Jenna Jay, Doghouse Boxing (April 9, 2013) On The Ropes Boxing Radio
OTR #188 with Brandon Rios, Larry Holmes, Tyson Fury, Steve Cunningham with hostess Jenna Jay.
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When Brandon Rios stepped back in the ring for a rematch with Mike Alvarado, many fans hoped that the fight could live up to the hype and that they could see another fight of the year type bout. Fans were not disappointed, as there were flashes of the first fight, with both fighters trading shots, and both get stunned in the match. This fight, unlike the first went the distance, and when the scorecards were read, Mike Alvarado was declared the winner. With the series now tied at one a piece, one question remained, would we see a third fight? 

During the 188th edition of “On The Ropes” boxing radio, I had a chance to catch up with Brandon Rios do discuss the fight in detail and get his view on a possible rematch. Brandon also gave his thoughts on dealing with his first professional loss and talked about what things he can improve on when he returns to the ring. Additionally Rios gave his views on the upcoming Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux bout and much more! Here is what Brandon has say.

Jenna: Brandon you once again had a great fight with Mike Alvarado, this time with you coming up a little bit short when it came to the score cards. How do you feel about the fight?

Rios: I feel good, I feel great, it just sucks, the fact that I thought I won the fight. I watched it over and over again, I already saw it 3-4 times and scored it 7 rounds to 5. I gave myself 7 rounds, he won 5. But some of the rounds were so close, so I would of gave it a draw, but at the end of the day the judges did their job. Mike went out and did his job, so I can't take anything away from him.

Jenna: You said that you reviewed the fight, when you look at the second round that you had him hurt in, did you see anything you could have done differently to maybe end the fight in that round?

Rios: Get on him, and throw more punches. I stunned him, I seen it with the jab. I did not throw as many punches, and I should of pursued him a little more. It's a learning experience, and hopefully we do it again and it will be a different story.

Jenna: Did you think you noticed a chance in momentum after the round you had him hurt, going into the middle and late rounds?

Rios: He did stun me in the third round, I give him that. The third round he did wobble me pretty good. But other then that, he ran. It would be a different story if he boxed me, hit me, and ran. He did not do that, he just ran with his hands up and avoided punches. What can I say about it, I can't talk that bad about it. He his job, he followed his game plan and I'm ready for a third one actually.

Jenna: How is it like for you dealing with your first professional loss Brandon?

Rios: At the time, in the ring, it did effect me. I apologize to Mike Alvarado, and everybody out there. I did come off as a sore loser, so I apologize to all the fans that seen that, that's not me. I take my hat off to Mike Alvarado for winning, I was still amp-ed up going into the interview after the fight, that was my bad. But what helps me right now is my kids, coming home, seeing my kids, it helped me take away all the pain and help prepare me for the next fight. I'm more hungry now, and yesterday I called up Robert and told him I'm ready to fight again. I need that rematch, I need that rematch, that's all that's on my mind.

Jenna: Brandon, have found this fight, and knowing the mistakes you made, what changes do you think we can see from you next time you are in the ring?

Rios: Honestly, I have a great fucking jab. That's one thing that I need to work on. My jab, throw my jab more, because when I was throwing my jab I was more affective during the fight. Every time I throw my jab I was effective and that's when I hurt him. It sets up all my punches, so I have to jab more and throw more punches, and not try and set everything up with a power shot, be more relaxed in the ring. I did great on my defense, I did great on my movement, I cut the ring off great, it's just the little things I need to work on now.

Jenna: Well all the fans want to see what's next for you, and even though they would like to see a rematch, Bob Arum has said that he is not likely to do that right away. How disappointed will you be having to wait for another crack at Alvarado?

Rios: I won’t be disappointed as long as I get back in the ring. I just got so much anger in me that I need to release. I don't care who it is, as long as I get to fight again. But honestly, I'd love to fight Mike Alvarado again, but it if does not happen, then everything happens for a reason. Hopefully it does, cause I gave him a rematch in 3 months, why can't he do the same and why can't Bob Arum do same thing? But we will see what happens.

Jenna: Brandon, I want to get your view on a upcoming fight that is set to take place this weekend and has your trainer stepping back in the ring with his other fighter, Nonito Donaire. How do you see the Donaire vs. Rigondeaux bout going?

Rios: I'm going for Donaire, cause Donaire is very smart, he's been in this position already. Rigondeaux is really stepping up, he really has not fought big name opponents like a Donaire. Rigondeaux is smart, don't get me wrong, he's fast, he's got power, but I think it's going to be a different game, cause he's still green, he's not fully there yet. 

Jenna: Back to the fight you had with Mike Alvarado. Fans really enjoyed the action your fight brought. How important do you think it is for boxing to have these types of fights for the boxing fans?

Rios: Well it's very important, cause fans love to see two guys beat the shit out of each other. They don't like to see 2 guys that hug and hold and not do nothing. They like to see two guys go in there and fight and beat the shit out of each other, leave themselves open to the other guy, which we did. We leave everything in the ring, we don't take nothing home so that's the type of fight fans like to see and think we will do those fights all the time, it's just our style.

Jenna: Final Question for you Brandon. If you could say anything to Mike Alvarado right now, anything to get him to want to do that third fight with you, what would you say?

Rios: I gave you a chance to redeem yourself, now give me a chance to redeem myself. We got to make a third one, or we got to even up the score. It's tied, we got to do a tie breaker, it's 1 and 1.

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